Is It Malware or a Virus? | Corona, CA

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In a world where it seems everything is getting hacked, it is easy to panic when something goes wrong with your computer equipment. The slightest glitch or stall and we are thinking the worst. And when we think of the worst thing that can happen to this equipment, we will generally think about computer viruses. Yes, the evil computer virus is the original enemy of the typical computer user, and in this day and age, it is impossible to not use some type of computer in our daily lives.

Then you hear about malware and a whole new set of questions and concerns come to mind. Let’s break it down – a virus is just one kind of malware, but the actual term is largely used by the public and the only way to protect yourself is to have some type of an anti-virus. The following are various types of malware designed to infect your computer or mobile device:

Adware. Adware is the least dangerous and most profitable malware. It displays ads on your computer.

Spyware. This software spies on you by tracking your internet activity in order to send adware back to your machine.

Worms. A worm replicates itself and destroys data and files on your computer until the drive is completely empty.

Trojan horse. One of the most dangerous malwares, Trojans are designed to discover your financial information and take over your computer’s system resources.

Ransomware. If you see a screen that warns you that you have been locked out of your computer until you pay for your “cybercrimes”, you have ransomware.

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This Summer Heat Isn’t Just Bad for You | Corona, CA

During these hot summer months, we are all trying to stay as cool as possible. After all, the heat makes us feel sluggish and in no mood to do much as far as work is concerned. So, we try to stay hydrated and keep our pets as comfortable as possible. But did you ever think about your technology? We aren’t the only ones that can suffer from overheating. The causes can range from being a severe problem to something very minor that may not need repair. Here are a few of the main reasons your computer may be getting a bit too hot:

Dust buildup. Dust buildup on the vents and the internal components of your computer can begin to block the vents and prevents airflow, while dust on the internal elements traps heat. Keeping a can of compressed air can keep those dust bunnies off your equipment.

Poor location. Where do you keep your computer? Make sure your computer isn’t located in a room with poor ventilation or one that has little to no climate control, away from windows and in a temperature-controlled environment.

Poor ventilation. Most computers have vents in the casing that allows for proper air flow. However, when covered up, it will block airways, causing warm air to build up inside the case. Make sure that your vents are clear and are allowing for proper ventilation.

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Having Computer Problems? You Aren’t Alone | Corona, CA

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In this day and age, having some type of computer is necessary. Whether it be a desktop, a laptop or a tablet, we all have some way to connect to the information superhighway. Otherwise, kit feels like we are out of touch. Unfortunately, like everything else, that computer will eventually have problems. These problems could be big and complicated or small and simple to fix. It’s especially a problem if you don’t know as much about computers as you would like. The good thing is, if you have little computer knowledge or don’t have the time to learn, a computer repair company can help get you back on your proverbial feet. But while you wait to get your computer looked at, here are five common computer problems and what is going on internally:

Malicious software. Otherwise known as viruses, spyware, adware, etc. Either way you look at it, all versions can harm your computer and attain access to your private information.

Computer won’t turn on. One of the more basic of issues, power issues could be due to a loose cord or a power supply that has gone bad.

Slow computer. All deleted files and applications are still on your computer taking up space and need to be cleaned up. Low hard drive space and not enough RAM can also cause your computer to be slow.

Blue screen of death. This happens when your computer freezes, resulting in a blue screen with an error message. This could be many things – overheating, hard drive failing, or buggy software.

Noisy computer. A fan, or your entire hard drive could be going out. Back up your files immediately so you don’t lose anything in the process.

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Your Computer Needs Tender Loving Care | Corona, CA

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The saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” hold true. And it isn’t just when it comes to your person. Just like anything else, your computer tower needs a good cleaning at least every three to six months to prevent dust build up and to keep it from overheating. Ridding your computer of dust and debris build up helps increase your computer’s performance and avoid future technical issues. Unsure of how to do it? Here is a quick rundown:

  • Gather up a soft brush, a can of compressed air, electronic safe wipes, a vacuum and a screwdriver to remove the computer panel.
  • Make sure to shut down your computer, unplug any cords and let it cool down before you start cleaning.
  • First, start by wiping down the outside of your computer tower with the electronic safe wipe, then carefully vacuuming out the tower’s vents.
  • Next, remove the computer panel and cautiously vacuuming the inside, careful not to touch any of the computer’s components.
  • Once loose dust and debris has been removed, take a soft brush and brush away the remaining dust. For extra dusty areas, use your compressed can of air to help loosen the debris.
  • Finally, replace the computer panel and plug back in your cables. Now it’s all cleaned up and ready to be used.

When it comes to electronic equipment, it is important to realize that in order to ensure your computer will last as long as possible, maintenance is required. There are many benefits that come from cleaning your computer regularly. Dust build up is one of the key factors that cause a computer to overheat, so make sure to keep up on your computer cleanings.

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5 Tips To Prevent Your Computer From Overheating | Corona, CA

Hard drive failure

Although most modern PCs are built with fail-safe switches that cause them to shut down if a computer is nearing or reaches the point of overheating, it’s still a situation that you generally want to avoid.

Below are five useful tips that can help you prevent your computer from overheating again or ever!

  1. Keep it clean – Keeping your computer moderately clean will make a huge a difference when it comes to temperatures. It doesn’t even have to be sparkly clean. It just has to be free of dust build-up. In particular, you’ll want to clean the fans and heat sinks regularly to keep things cool.

Note: If you plan on removing dust from your computer, make sure that you shut it down and unplug it first before dismantling it. Also, if it’s your first time, take a video of yourself taking the whole thing apart to make it easier for you to put it back together.

  1. Use high-quality thermal compound – Thermal grease, thermal gate, thermal paste, and heat sink paste are among the many things thermal compounds are called.

If you’ve had your computer for a while, chances are that the CPU is generating more heat than before as thermal compound tends to deteriorate over time. Do yourself and your computer a favor and buy a high quality thermal compound from your nearest computer hardware shop and apply a pea-sized amount (Look at YouTube videos if you’re unsure) over your CPU after dusting out your heat sinks and fans.

  1. Ensure adequate airflow – Good airflow requires paying attention to your computer’s layout and to where you place it. Installing enough fans will do wonders in helping keep your computer cool. But, it will even run much cooler if it’s not rammed right up against the wall. As a rule of thumb, put your computer on top of a table where it can suck in cool air and push out hot air properly. Also, make sure that the fans in front are used for intake, while those at the back are used for exhaust.
  1. Install a better heat sink – While most modern CPUs run cool enough using only the stock heat sink it comes prepackaged with, older ones may require better, larger heat sinks. Investing in one could keep your CPU – and in turn, your whole computer – running a few degrees cooler.
  1. Tweak your BIOS settings – Options may vary depending on your computer’s motherboard and cooling hardware. However, regardless, there will be options, so don’t be afraid to jump into your BIOS and see how you can play with it. Most likely, you’ll find all sorts of controls for fan speeds and thermal triggers. With a little bit of trial-and-error, you should end up with just the right mix of cool and quiet.

Note: Most modern motherboards have software available – either via CD or via download – that lets you access fan settings without having to go to your BIOS. Such software should come in handy if you want to set your rig to run silent under normal use, and jump into max-cooling mode when you’re playing video games or doing something intensive.

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A Few Simple Steps to Clean Computer Towers | Corona, CA

Just like cars, boats and homes, your computer tower too needs a good deep cleaning every now and then. According to sources, your computer tower should be cleaned at least three to six months to prevent dust build, which can cause your computer tower to overheat. By eliminating debris and dust buildup will increase your computers overall performance and will keep it preforming smoothly. We here at Up and Running Computer Solutions have complied a list of a few simple steps you can take to clean your computer tower, which include the following:

1.       Gather up a soft brush, can of compressed air, electronic safe wipes, a vacuum and a screw driver to remove the computer towers panel.

2.       Be sure to shut down your computer, unplug cords from any outlets, and let the computer cool down before you start cleaning it.

3.       Begin by wiping down the outside of your computer tower with the electronic safe wipe you collected, then proceed by gently and carefully vacuuming out the computer towers vents.

4.       Next, remove the panel from your computer tower and cautiously vacuum the inside of the towner, be extremely careful not to touch any of the computers components.

5.       Now that you’ve vacuumed the loose debris and dust, take the soft brush and brush away of the remaining debris and/or dust. For the extra dusty areas you can use the can of compressed to help loosen the debris.

6.       Finally, replace your computers panel and plug back in the cables. Now your computer tower should be all cleaned up and ready to go!

There are many advantages that stem from cleaning your computer tower on a regular basis. Debris and dust buildup is one of the main factors that cause a computer to overheat, so don’t but your computer tower cleaning on the back burner.

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Four Simple Computer Maintenance Tips

Do you know the number one reason people replace their computers? It’s because their current computer is too slow or suffers from poor performance.

If you have noticed a decline in your computer’s performance, and have been using it for the same amount of time and for the same tasks that you did when it was purchased, there are some simple and free things you can try before going out and buying a new one. The following four steps will help keep your computer in tip-top shape:

  • Uninstall programs that you don’t use. Over time, we tend to accumulate several programs, and chances are you haven’t used some in a while. If there is a program that you haven’t used in the last six months, consider uninstalling it to free up some space. This may allow your computer to run the more important programs more sufficiently.
  • Delete temporary and unnecessary files. Every time you visit a website online, your computer stores information, so the next time you visit the site it will load faster. Of course this a great principle, however, temporary files can add up over time and may eventually slow the load time of your applications.
  • Delete all but most recent system restore. You can free up more space on your computer by removing all but the most recent restore point. As a standard function for Windows takes snapshots of your computer’s contents at regular intervals. The process can take up to a half an hour or so if it’s been some time since your last cleanup.
  • Scan for viruses, spyware, etc. After your computer is all cleaned out, use your security software to do a sweep for viruses, worms, and spyware that can potentially damage your computer and compromise your privacy. This step shouldn’t take too long if you’ve already deleted unnecessary files and programs.

If the steps listed above don’t improve your computers overall performance, there may be an underlying problem that is causing the poor performance. If the latter is the case, consider consulting a company that offers computer repair.

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National Clean Out Your Computer Day

Is your computer running a bit slower than usual? Have you been putting off cleaning out your files stored on your desktop? Well, since its National Clean Out Your Computer Day today, you should take some time out from busy day and dedicate it to your computer. Imagine what you would do if your computer unexpectedly crashed, permanently deleting all you had stored in it. Before your computer has time to take an unexpected turn for the worse, do yourself a favor and start by cleaning it out today. The following list includes a list of the best practices to keep your computer up and running:

  • Clean Your PC- Cleaning your PC’s exterior will not only get rid of food particles, dust and hair that have settled in your key board, fan, mouse and the rest of its components; it will also allow your computers performance. So start by turning the power off. Clean your key board with compressed air and a safe cleaning solution. Wipe down your mouse. Then proceed to use the compressed air to clean your actual computer.
  • Clean Out Your PC-Cleaning your computers software is just as important as cleaning it’s hardware. Start by deleting junk, duplicate files and programs that you no longer use. Next reorganize your files, folders and desktop. Also make sure to check your PC for adware, viruses and other malicious software that’s slowing your system down.

If you aren’t sure how to clean your computer or don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, make sure to pass your PC on over to a professional for additional help. Once your computer is cleaned inside out, enjoy its seamless, quick and quiet performance. Also, make sure to clean it more often to keep it up and running.

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