Do I Need a Commercial? | Corona, CA

The goal when starting a business is to find new, inventive ways to create a large customer base in order to be a success. One of the ways to do this is by coming up with creative marketing tools that will not only catch a potential customer’s eye but will represent your business the best way possible. For some, it’s a new logo design or a website revamp. But for a really modern twist, why not consider a commercial?

Yes, we understand that commercials aren’t anything new. But a visual commercial can not only focus your message to potential customers in a fun, simple way, but having this commercial can catch the attention of that customer quickly. It is a well-known fact that you have a small window of time before you lose the attention of a potential customer. Having that visual can be targeted to that particular client to convince them to give you their business.

Here at Up & Running Computer Solutions, we specialize in producing these commercials for your website. Not only do we have a staff with a well-rounded skill set, but we are here to give our clients the best service possible in the most efficient amount of time. After all, we want you to be a success, so we will do everything possible to make sure that happens in a fun, exciting way.

During our initial consultation, we will not only get to know you, but get to know your business and staff as well. Coupled with your particular needs, our team will produce a digital commercial that will not only drive potential customers to your website but will make you proud to be the owner of that business.

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Benefits of Computer Networking | IT Services Corona, CA

So you’re not so sure what computer networking is? Well, computer networking is essentially a set of computers that are connected to one server so that they can share and exchange data. By using a computer network server it allows for your company to store important files and data in one primary location. There are many advantages of computer networking for your business, the following list includes a few benefits:

  • File Sharing- Your computer files can all be stored centrally, which means multiple employees can work on one file. Storing your computer files in one place will make data backup easier and more reliable.
  • Resource Sharing- Computer networking allows for you and your staff to share printers, scanners, fax modems, internet and even hard drives. For example, you can buy one high speed printer that the whole office can share, which can be very cost effective.
  • Application Sharing- Your business will be able to work together on a single application. For example, you can have accounting software that can be used from different computers at the same time.
  • Security- You have the ability to have certain staff members only access only the resources relevant to their job. You can also have users log in any computer to continue their work if there in a problem with their work station.

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Top 5 Reasons Networking Can Help Your Business | Corona, CA

Networks are extremely useful in a business setting to increase productivity, efficiency and capabilities of users. Networking gives computers and users the gift of being connected together. Up and Running Computer Solutions, Inc. recommends that all businesses have a computer network. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

  1. Increased Connectivity:  Networks can connect an unlimited number of computers, thus connecting the people using those computers.
  2. Share Hardware:  Networking helps users to share hardware devices throughout the office. Devices such as printers, copiers, etc. This cuts the cost of having say a printer at every workstation.
  3. Easy Data Management:  Networking all company data in one place makes it easy for the administrator to manage it efficiently. Networking offers the benefit of centralizing data from all the user systems to one system where management of the data can be done efficiently and it can be managed in an easy and improved way.
  4. Data Sharing:  Networking provides all data in a centralized location that can be easily accessed by all employees. The sharing of data through a network saves time allowing your employees to get more work done in a day. Permissions and restrictions can be set so certain employees can only access certain files.
  5. Internet:  Networks offer internet service for the whole network. Every computer on the network will receive high speed internet, can experience the high speed internet. Quick processing and delivery of work load.

It’s time to step out of the dark ages of technology and step into the future of networking. For a free quote to have a network installed in your office contact Up and Running Computer Solutions, Inc. in Corona, CA at 951-737-8558. Visit our website at

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Does my business need Computer Networking? | Corona, CA


Having a computer network set up at your business only benefits the business and employee productivity. Networking is about sharing. With a computer network you can share information, resources, applications, emails and office documents.

A large hard drive is set up on a central server computer where a common storage area is used to store files that can be shared throughout the office. Individual files can be worked on between several employees without having more than one document created. All users can share the one document and have access to it when they need it.

Printers, scanner and other external devices can be used by all employees. No more need to have a printer on every employee’s desk. This saves you money. With the money you save not having multiple printers, etc. you can invest in one piece of high quality equipment.

Also, different applications can be used by all employees. For example, accounting software, data entry software, etc. can be seen and used by the whole company. Don’t want all employees to have access to all programs? Not a problem. Permissions can be given for only those employees chosen to access those programs.

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