Windows 10 is Finally Here | Windows 10 Features

After months and months of anticipation Windows 10 is finally here! This is the biggest update Windows has seen in many years and the new features are fantastic. One of the neat things about Windows 10 is you don’t have to pay for it, so long as you already run windows 8 or Windows that is. With that being said lets dive on into some of best features of Windows 10:

  • New Interface – One of the most obvious changes are the new use interface. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 doesn’t force you to use the touch interface features. Windows 10 works equally on mouse and key board PCs and touch devices.
  • New Start Menu- Windows 10 new start of menu is a blend of Windows 7 traditional start menu and Windows 8 Live Titles. The startup menu is two panels side by side, the panel on the left shows pinned and the most recent apps used, while the right side of the panel brings features back from the Windows 8.1.
  • Cortana- Cortana will now be featured on your desktop thanks to Windows 10, and Cortana makes multitasking easier than ever. Cortana is actually built into the native system and will be able to pull local and web based information when you perform a search.
  • Microsoft Edge – Windows 10 is leaving Internet Explorer to be a thing of the past, and is bring on Edge. Edge provides a fast and responsive user friendly experience, while adding a few tricks of its own like incorporating Cortana. Microsoft Edge also allows you scribble on any webpage and share your comments with friends through social networking by using a slide in menu without ever leaving the browser.
  • Action Center- the Action Center organizes your notification by app and also provides fast access to multiple settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode and other controls.

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What to Do About a Slow Computer | Computer Repair Corona, CA

Waiting what may seem like decades for your computer to complete a simple task can be quite the annoyance. A slow running PC can start occurring after years of having it, or in some cases it occurs after only having your PC for a few months. There are several things that can contribute to your computer slowing down. It could be caused by bugs in the operating system, failing hardware, or even static electricity from carpet. Before taking your computer in for repair or buying a new PC all together, try out these quick fixes to see it they can get your computer running a bit faster again.

  • Uninstall Unused Programs- When buying a new computer, it usually comes with programs pre-installed and over time your computer compiles more programs.  Most of them you’ll never use and some of them actually run in the back ground, ultimately slowing your computer down.
  • Delete Temporary Files- When you use the internet all of your browsing history remains deep in your computer, and the same goes for when you install something. Make sure to get rid of all the clutter to free up space on your system.
  • Get More Hard Drive Storage- It doesn’t matter how tidy you keep your computer, if you have too much on your hard drive, it will affect the speed of your computer. If you use your computer for things such as recording media or video it’s more likely that you’re hard drive will become full, thus slowing your computer down.
  • Stop Unnecessary Start-ups- Every time you start up your PC there are some programs that automatically start to run in the background. Skype are one of the programs known for this. Every application that is running will use your PCs memory and slow it down.
  • Clean it up- You won’t believe how much dust your computer can accumulate over time. The dust gets sucked in by the cooling fan and can clog the airflow of the computer causing it to overheat and slow down. Use a vacuum on a low setting to gently clean out the insides. Make sure your computer is disconnected from all mains.

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What is the Blue Screen of Death? | IT Services Corona, CA

Have you ever been working on your computer when it suddenly freezes and goes to a blue screen with a list of instructions and information? Well, that right there is called the Blue Screen of Death. The Blue Screen of Death can be caused by problems with your computer’s hardware or even issues with the hardware drive software.

A blue screen happens when Windows runs into a “STOP Error”. This type of failure causes Windows to crash and automatically stop working. At this point the only thing Windows can do is stop and restart the computer. This can sometimes lead to data loss if your programs don’t have the chance to back up. It’s ideal for you to have programs that back up continuously just in case you happen to run into the Blue Screen of Death or any other sort of error.

If you’ve run into the Blue Screen of Death and haven’t the slightest clue how to fix it on your own, call UP & Running Computer Solutions. Our knowledgeable computer repair technicians will help figure out why your computer crashed and get it back up and running in no time!

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3 Common Causes for a Computer to Overheat | Computer Repair Corona, CA

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There are several reasons your computer could be over heating and not knowing what’s causing it to overheat can get quite frustrating. The causes can range from being a severe problem to something very minor. So before rushing off to get your computer repaired make sure that these three common reasons aren’t causing the overheating issue.

  • Dust Buildup- Dust buildup on the vents and the internal components of your computer can contribute to overheating. Dust buildup starts to block the vents and prevents airflow, while dust on the internal elements traps heat. Make sure to clean your computer with a can of compressed air regularly to keep from dust build up.
  • Poor Location- Where your computer is located plays a big role in the ability for it to cool itself down. Make sure your computer isn’t located in a room with poor ventilation or one that has little to no climate control, especially during the warmer seasons. Keep your computer away from windows and in a temperature controlled environment.
  • Poor Ventilation- Poor ventilation can be another cause of overheating. Most computers have vents in the casing that allows for proper air flow, if those vent are covered or have dust build up it will block airways and warm air will build up inside the case. Make sure that your vents are clear and are allowing for proper ventilation.

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