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Earlier this month Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox Web Browser, reported that hackers had gained access their bug tracker Bugzilla and stole security-sensitive information. It’s believe that the information that’s been stolen was used by the hackers to attack Firefox users.

Although Mozilla did not provide any details on how exactly the stolen information was used to target Firefox users, the company did say in a blog post that they were making improvements to the bug tracker in an effort to protect their products, developer community and users from these hacker.

Bugzilla is an open source tool that’s used to track flaws in Mozilla software. This information on Bugzilla can be viewed by the public but access to security sensitive information is restricted to certain users. Fortunately, the company planned to update Bugzilla’s security so that similar attacks like this don’t happen again later down the road.

“We are updating Bugzilla’s security practices to reduce the risk of future attacks of this type. As an immediate first step, all users with access to security-sensitive information have been required to change their passwords and use two-factor authentication” Mozilla stated in blog post. “We are reducing the number of users with privileged access and limiting what each privileged user can do. In other words, we are making it harder for an attacker to break in, providing fewer opportunities to break in, and reducing the amount of information an attacker can get by breaking in.”

To read Mozilla’s blog post click here.

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5 Common Computer Problems | Computer Repair Corona, CA

Over time every computer will have problems. These problems could range from being big and complicated to a simple fix. The biggest problem you may face though is not knowing much about computers in the first place. Fortunately, if you have little knowledge on computers or just don’t have the time, Up & Running Computer Solutions is here to help. The following includes a list of the most common computer problems, and their possible causes.

  • Computer Won’t Turn On- I’m sure this is a lot of peoples worst nightmare, you hit the power button and nothing happens. This could be caused by number of things. It could be something as simple as a loose cord, or as serious as the power supply going bad.
  • Slow Computer- When you delete files and applications from your computer they’re still on your computer taking up space. Another reason your computer may be running slow could be due to low hard drive space or not enough RAM (Random Access Memory).
  • Odd Noises- Does your PC make strange noises? This may be caused by a dying fan or a failing hard drive. A fan is an easy fix and often times you can back up your information from your hard drive before it fails or with the use of a recovery software.
  • Overheating- Overheating can cause all sorts of computers problems. Overheating could be caused by poor ventilation, dying fans or even excessive use of the computer.
  • Freezes- The “blue screen of death” is when your PC freezes in a blue screen with an error message. This could be cause by overheating, hard drive failure or a buggy software.

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