Common Keyboard Shortcuts to Know | Prescott, AZ

Do you utilize keyboard shortcuts? There are a few everyday key combinations you can use to boost productivity whether you use a Windows or Mac computer. If you haven’t been using keyboard shortcuts, they will go a long way to making your day more efficient. We find that those in creative spaces get a lot out of these shortcuts, but of course, they are for everyone.


Ctrl + Z: Undo

No matter what you have been up to on your computer, Ctrl + Z is a universal lifesaver.

Ctrl + A: Select all

Rather than clicking and dragging your mouse across a paragraph or URL, simply click the general area of text and use Ctrl + A to save you time and finger strain.

Alt + Tab: Toggle

If you are running multiple applications on your screen and need to go back and forth, simply use this shortcut to navigate between them. This will save you time because instead of trying to figure out which application is minimized or open when doing multiple things, this lets you see it all at once.

Ctrl + Esc: Open Start Menu

Older generations of windows computers may not have the windows button that later models feature. To open the start menu to access different applications, Ctrl + Esc is a nifty trick!


For Mac users, the command key is the go-to starting point for any shortcuts you may want to make. The trick is to remember which alphabetical keys do what – and try not to mix them up on important projects.

Command + A: Select All

Simply click on the section of text you want to select and use Command + A to highlight the area.

Command + S: Save

This is useful when working on documents in the flow state. We all know saving documents as you go can be a lifesaver for those files that are too important to lose time on re-typing. Just use Command + S as if it were part of the paragraph, and your content will be saved as you go!

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5 Tips for Shopping Safely Online This Holiday Season

Thanks to technology people can now shop from the convenience of their homes to local coffee shops using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. And with the holiday season already in full swing, many of us are doing so. Not only can online shopping save you time but it can also save you from encountering crowds of people that can suck your energy and holiday spirit dry. If you choose to do online holiday shopping, make sure that you have all your security measures in place. The holiday season is a time where cyber criminals are still very much at large. The following tips are recommended if you’re doing online holiday shopping this year:

Too Good To Be True- One common tactic cyber criminals use is using very low prices on popular items to lure potential victims in.

Use a Credit Instead of Debit– Use your credit card instead of your debit card because if your credit is used for something that you didn’t purchase, it’s easier to resolve issues with your credit card company than with your bank.

Credit Card Alert Features– Take advantage of your credit card alert features. These sort of alerts can alarm you when there’s abnormal activity and is very useful during the busy holiday season!

Safe Apps– For safe online shopping through apps you must make sure there are downloaded from a trusted source, such as the Apple Store or Android Market. Be sure to read through the various permissions the app is asking you to grant and note weather they make sense.

Stay Current– Keep your cyber information safe by ensuring that all of your security software is updated. Once an update is available, cyber criminals have all the information they need to attack your device.

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month | Online Security

Online Security Protection Internet Safety

The National Cyber Security Division within the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Alliance has sponsored National Cyber Security Awareness Month, every October since 2004. National Cyber Security Awareness Month is focused on encouraging individuals to be cautious and to use protection while accessing the internet. Weather we realize it or not the internet impacts our lives on a daily basis. We use the internet to connect with family and friends, to handle business and banking online and rely on it for many other services, like electricity and even transportation, which are supported by online systems. Technology has prompted advancements in business, healthcare, music, government and many other industries.

As technology keeps evolving, our lives are becoming easier and more connected than ever. Yet the more our lives become more connected through the internet, the more we become vulnerable for increased risks of theft, fraud and abuse. No one is immune to cyber risks at this point. As individuals, cybersecurity risks can threaten our identities, finances and privacy. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep yourself, your assets and personal information safe online. The following includes a few tips all internet users can take advantages of the month of National Cyber Security Month and throughout the year:

  • Create Strong passwords and do not share them with anyone.
  • Keep operating system, browser and other critical software’s up to date by installing updates.
  • Raise awareness by talking openly with your family, friends and community about Internet safety.
  • Limit the amount of personal information you share online and use privacy setting to avoid sharing information widely
  • Be very cautious about what you receive or read online – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Hackers Hit Bugzilla | Tech News

Earlier this month Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox Web Browser, reported that hackers had gained access their bug tracker Bugzilla and stole security-sensitive information. It’s believe that the information that’s been stolen was used by the hackers to attack Firefox users.

Although Mozilla did not provide any details on how exactly the stolen information was used to target Firefox users, the company did say in a blog post that they were making improvements to the bug tracker in an effort to protect their products, developer community and users from these hacker.

Bugzilla is an open source tool that’s used to track flaws in Mozilla software. This information on Bugzilla can be viewed by the public but access to security sensitive information is restricted to certain users. Fortunately, the company planned to update Bugzilla’s security so that similar attacks like this don’t happen again later down the road.

“We are updating Bugzilla’s security practices to reduce the risk of future attacks of this type. As an immediate first step, all users with access to security-sensitive information have been required to change their passwords and use two-factor authentication” Mozilla stated in blog post. “We are reducing the number of users with privileged access and limiting what each privileged user can do. In other words, we are making it harder for an attacker to break in, providing fewer opportunities to break in, and reducing the amount of information an attacker can get by breaking in.”

To read Mozilla’s blog post click here.

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The Internet and You | Technology

There is no denying that the technological boom in America has accelerated the amount of internet users. The internet is readily available on our desktops, laptops, phones and now capable watches! With just about the entire world connected through the internet, it is impossible to get away from.

Whether it is for your business or on your down time, many are on their computer consistently throughout the day. There is an entire movement rippling through the United States to unplug, but it’s simply not realistic. To put it simply, the internet has changed the way we live, work and communicate and that has brought us into the modern world.

Utilize the internet for all it is worth, and when it acts up or runs slow, breathe. There is a whole world out there using this technology, and there is always a technician there to help you through it.

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Windows 10 is Finally Here | Windows 10 Features

After months and months of anticipation Windows 10 is finally here! This is the biggest update Windows has seen in many years and the new features are fantastic. One of the neat things about Windows 10 is you don’t have to pay for it, so long as you already run windows 8 or Windows that is. With that being said lets dive on into some of best features of Windows 10:

  • New Interface – One of the most obvious changes are the new use interface. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 doesn’t force you to use the touch interface features. Windows 10 works equally on mouse and key board PCs and touch devices.
  • New Start Menu- Windows 10 new start of menu is a blend of Windows 7 traditional start menu and Windows 8 Live Titles. The startup menu is two panels side by side, the panel on the left shows pinned and the most recent apps used, while the right side of the panel brings features back from the Windows 8.1.
  • Cortana- Cortana will now be featured on your desktop thanks to Windows 10, and Cortana makes multitasking easier than ever. Cortana is actually built into the native system and will be able to pull local and web based information when you perform a search.
  • Microsoft Edge – Windows 10 is leaving Internet Explorer to be a thing of the past, and is bring on Edge. Edge provides a fast and responsive user friendly experience, while adding a few tricks of its own like incorporating Cortana. Microsoft Edge also allows you scribble on any webpage and share your comments with friends through social networking by using a slide in menu without ever leaving the browser.
  • Action Center- the Action Center organizes your notification by app and also provides fast access to multiple settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode and other controls.

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History of the Desktop Computer

The first commercially available desktop computer was available in 1974, this was the Altair 800. This pioneer computer wasn’t much to behold, but at the time it was revolutionary. With toggle switches, LED lights and only 1K of memory, the Altair 8800 opened the doors to thousands of possibilities. In the mid- 70s RadioShack introduced the Tandy computer which had a more user friendly approach and was an instant success. RadioShack went on to be the first real player in the computer game and the Tandy’s keyboard and CRT monitor it was easy to see why.

At the time RadioShack and the Tandy were creating a buzz, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were working on the next big thing. The Apple computer they created was followed by the Apple Two with similar features as the Tandy but one – a color monitor. Competition was stirring and by the late 70s the Arti 400, TI-99, and the VIC-20 were soon hitting the shelves. Commodore (maker of the VIC-20) went on to make one of the bestselling computers of all time with their Commodore 64.

The next big thing in computers would not come about until IBM entered the playing field with their IBM PC in 1981. This was the first computer to feature the Microsoft MS-DOS operating system which became the standard. By the late 1980s Apple Computers was the only company that was not running on the MS-DOS operating system. Apple was pioneering at this time the GUI (graphical user interface), a more interactive approach to handling a computer.

Since then, the rate at which personal computers have expanded into our offices, homes and laps has accelerated. To say we have come a long way from blinking LED lights and basic keyboards is an understatement. Today we have thinner, lighter, and sleeker desktops, laptops, and tablets due to decades of technological advances. Pioneers in the computer and operational systems industries are always attempting to discover and create the next big breakthrough in computer technology and user experience. There is now an entire generation of people who have had access to a computer their whole life and that, in the minds of many, only scratches the surface of what is possible.

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How to Clean Your Laptop | Corona, CA


Are you keys sticking? Is your laptop starting to look a little grungy? Well maybe it’s time you give your laptop a good cleaning. Every computer requires a cleaning once in a while, and that includes your laptop. Laptops actually require a little more cleaning that a standard computer because they are handled more. The list below includes the steps you will need to take to get your laptop looking shiny and new.

Supplies that you’ll need to gather up:

  • Lint free cloth
  • Mild Dishwashing Detergent
  • Can Of Compressed Air
  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

Before you start, make sure to power down your laptop and unplug it from the wall. If you laptop has a battery make too sure remove that if your model also you to.

The first area you should start cleaning is the lid and bottom of the laptop. Start by mixing a couple drops of dishwasher detergent (such as Dawn) and a couple cups of warm water together, now dip your lint free cloth into the mixture, wring out, and wipe the surface. Rise your cloth with clean water and wipe down again. Lastly, take a dry cloth and wipe down laptop to avoid water streaks.

The next step you should take is cleaning your keyboard, but be sure not to let any liquid drip down into the keyboard. Take your compressed can of air and use that to remove any dirt, dust or crumbs that could be in the crevices of the keyboard. Next, use the isopropyl rubbing alcohol to wipe down your key board to remove any oily residue.

Last but not least, it’s time to clean the vents. If your laptop has large side vents you’ll most likely find some dust bunnies there.  Use your compress can of air to blow the dust out of the vents. By getting rid of excess dust and debris it will not only make your laptop look much better, but it will run better too.

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Check Your Batteries Lifespan | IT Tech Corona, CA

I’m not sure if everyone knows that your device batteries have a certain lifespan before you have to replace them. As you use your battery it starts to degrade over time and you’ll start to notice that your battery is getting less and less battery life. Once your battery is on its last leg, you’ll have to make the decision to replace your battery or get a new device with a new battery.

There are way you can go about properly caring for your battery, but all batteries eventually end up dying. There is no was in avoiding to problem. If you are one of the lucky few, you won’t have to replace your battery until it’s time for you to upgrade to a new mobile device, laptop or tablet.

Ways to find out your battery health on a few commonly used devices:

  • iPhones & iPads- You will need a third party application to display the batteries health. For example, CoconutBattery is an app you can install. The app will let you view your batteries status of the connected iPad or iPhone.
  • MacBook- You’ll need to hold down the option key and click the battery icon on the menu bar, then you’ll see a “condition” area displayed.
  • Android Phones- First you’ll need to open the dialed app and dial *#*#4636#*#*, then tap “Battery Information” and you will be able to view the status of your Android device’s battery.

If you think it may be time to replace your devices battery, don’t wait around, and find out what steps you need to take to check your devices battery life.

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Dell Goes Green | Corona, CA

Did you know that Dell is committed to maximizing the re-use or recycling of all returned Dell products? The Dell Outlet actually refurbishes and sells about 90% of all returned Dell system. The remaining 10% of returned Dell products are resold for parts or recyclable materials, such as plastic, metal, glass.

There are many reasons to buy refurbished Dell systems, for one they don’t use as much new material or as many new parts, which in turn can reduce the environmental impact of your technology purchase. You get the same great quality and value as a new Dell product when you purchase a refurbished Dell product. The Dell Outlet offers three different types of refurbished inventory identity and those include the following:

Certified Refurbished-These PCs are laptops and desktops that have been returned, put through a productions process, and then is tested to make sure it meets all the original factory settings. Some Certified Refurbished products may have slight cosmetic blemishes, but the will not affect the performance.

Previously Ordered New- Previously Ordered New computers are PCs that were shipped out to a customer who opened the box, but then decided to return the PC without ever using it. These PCs are retested and then repackaged by Dell Outlet.

Scratch and Dent- Scratch and Dent products are systems that have a considerable amount of cosmetic blemishes, but these of cosmetic blemishes do not affect the performance. These are a great way to save money and help recycle!

There are actually many things you can do to help Dell go green. So what are those actions you can take to help Dell go green?

  • You can set your system up to go on standby or hibernate modes when it’s not in use instead of using a screen saver.
  • Use less paper! Only print what’s necessary, and if it’s possible, use both sides of the paper.
  • Re-use parts when purchasing a new system. Keep your mouse, monitor and keyboard from your old system.
  • Recycle your old computers. There are organizations you can donate it your computer to.
  • Recycle your bottles because these can be recycled into a new flat panel monitor.

It’s Dell goal to become the greenest technology company around. So let’s help Dell and the world of technology go green!

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