When its Time to Call an Expert | Prescott, AZ

Utilizing the computer has become an essential part of most of our lives, so when something happens that we don’t recognize, its easy to become confused and worried about your information.

Thankfully, most of the time, we have simply pressed an odd key or are running low on battery. But, what about the times when that isn’t the case? What are the warning sings to get a second opinion?

Casual Disregard. The everyday computer operator can do something that causes their system to begin a steady decline.

  • Overuse of cleaning programs and efficiency scans
  • Ignoring error messages
  • Retaining outdated files and programs
  • No routine maintenance

These are the more common ways a little extra step sometimes can go a long way, as these seemingly small worries may spiral into major issues later.

Inability to Express Problems. Its okay to not be a computer wizard; that is what we are here for! Being unable to express to a technician what is happening to your machine, or the ways you may have been less-than-kind to your operating system, makes correcting issues that much harder. Pay attention to warning signs and if you are unsure, consult an expert sooner than later.

Expiration. Everything expires, your computer and its components are no exception. Even if you clean out file and wipe your hard drive down, you could still experience a crash due to the age of your components. Understanding how old your software is and when to replace them will go a long way in ensuring the health of your system.

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Which Network Type is Right for Me? | Prescott, AZ

It seems that the idea of utilizing the right network for your business can become overwhelming. There are many means of accomplishing the same thing when it comes to how you decide to operate, and its true that all networks are not the same.

At Up and Running, our seasoned professionals are happy to guide your decision based on your needs and help maintain the one you choose. There are three different ways any business can have their network function; centralized, converged and cloud-based deployment. Here is a breakdown of each, so you can determine which system is best for you.

Centralized. This is a great option for businesses utilizing different buildings or cluster of nearby networks. Centralized deployment means that upgrading your system will be easier and updates will happen across the system. This type of deployment consolidates the wireless networks into one control zone, allowing for enhanced wireless functionality.

Converged. Branch office operations may get the most out of a converged deployment network. With an access switch, you can increase wireless consistency and link with wired networks across the system. Essentially this method combines the best of converged and centralized network features.

Cloud-Based. Uploading our information to the elusive “cloud” has become part of how we utilize the internet from business to our personal lives. A benefit of utilizing the cloud is that business information can be accessed by your team wherever they go, while still keeping everyone else up-to-date.

Once you decide on the network that is right for you, our team can install and maintain your newly integrated computer network for you. Regular maintenance of your computer network will grant you peace of mind knowing your business files are safe and functioning properly.

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