When to Call in a Computer Expert | Prescott, AZ

Whether you use your computer for work or just pleasure, when something goes awry, it tends to cause a bit of panic, especially when you aren’t a computer expert. When is the time to ask for help? For many of us, we are always unsure. It is important to know that it’s okay not to know what is happening when your computer is on the fritz. So, if you find that your computer is acting funny, keep these tips in mind:

Little problems nearly always become big problems. There are several key things that a casual computer user does on a daily basis that can result in a massive problem down the road.

  • Overuse of cleaning programs and efficiency scanners
  • Refusal to acknowledge error messages
  • Failure to clean out old programs and files
  • Not getting routine maintenance

When you don’t correct these problems immediately, they get worse. Proper care of a computer and routine check-ins with an expert are both important to proper health and your wallet.

Be able to relay what’s going on. Proper communication can mean you get your device back faster than if they have to guess what is wrong. Sometimes the simplest act of giving them a call, and describing what is wrong, can ease your mind about what is happening.

Everything expires. Even with steady replacement of bad parts, good care, and proper use of a computer, it will eventually die. Learning how to judge when enough replacing is enough is an art as much as it is a science.

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At-Home Computer Maintenance | Prescott, AZ

Computer maintenance may seem like something that is best left to the experts. While you should seek advice and have your computer components cleaned by an expert, basic maintenance can be easier than you think. It’s also important; caring for your computer before things get out of hand goes a long way to the life of your computer.

One of the most important elements of care for our computers may seem like the most simple. It’s important not to eat or drink around your computer and to utilize a padded case whenever it is not being utilized. Over time, seemingly small things like crumbs or a bit of water along the edge of the computer on the desk amount to gunk between the keys. Keeping the components clean will help keep your computer running efficiently for as long as it may go.

External drives are a great investment for computer care. Our computers have limited storage and memory capacity, so when there is an abundance of files it starts to break things down. Transitioning older files or completed projects to an external drive will help keep the amount of files you computer has to track to a minimum. This allows it to become more efficient with other processes and ultimately keeps the hard drive from becoming overworked.

Another great way to continually maintain your computer is to allow for software updates. Updates patch holes in the system or bugs that outdated technology may leave behind. Rather than an inefficient necessity, updates should be viewed as part and parcel to the longevity of your system. Updates also allow your system to handle files sent from others whose computers could be on the latest version so you aren’t left out.

Properly shutting down you computer, putting it to sleep and keeping the brightness at an appropriate level for the lighting conditions also makes a difference. It helps maintain battery life and tells your computer when it can recover; rather than leaving it on all the time which ruins efficiency over time. We recommend charging your computer when it is off, rather than in use to help maintain the battery life.

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The Importance of Password Protection | Prescott, AZ

Creating and re-creating every password for every website we regularly interact with seems like a monumental and tedious task. The everyday person doesn’t want to add “change passwords” to their to-do list when the dangers of hacking seem far from them. Unfortunately once a hack into your files occurs, things can move fast, potentially resulting in a loss of your identity.

Here are some things to know about passwords:

Complexity – We hear all the time that this is the most difficult part of password creation. A mix of letters, symbols and capitols all mixed together in 18 characters. Yet, when it comes to your security, it matters. Long, random combinations help keep hackers at bay.

No Similarities – Please never use personal information such as important numbers, birthdays or names In your passwords. It’s easy for hackers to find this information out, and attempt to break into your accounts that way.

New Platform, Different Password – It’s good practice to not repeat passwords across multiple websites, as it tips hackers off to patterns.

Switch them Out – Yes, you should switch out your passwords. Ideally, once a quarter, or four times a year.

It’s important to keep these tips in mind so you don’t become a target for online hacking. In today’s world anything is possible online.

If you are worried you won’t be able to remember all these passwords, you aren’t alone. There are several password manager options that encrypt your passwords from hackers while keeping them all in one place.

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Which Network Type is Right for Me? | Prescott, AZ

It seems that the idea of utilizing the right network for your business can become overwhelming. There are many means of accomplishing the same thing when it comes to how you decide to operate, and its true that all networks are not the same.

At Up and Running, our seasoned professionals are happy to guide your decision based on your needs and help maintain the one you choose. There are three different ways any business can have their network function; centralized, converged and cloud-based deployment. Here is a breakdown of each, so you can determine which system is best for you.

Centralized. This is a great option for businesses utilizing different buildings or cluster of nearby networks. Centralized deployment means that upgrading your system will be easier and updates will happen across the system. This type of deployment consolidates the wireless networks into one control zone, allowing for enhanced wireless functionality.

Converged. Branch office operations may get the most out of a converged deployment network. With an access switch, you can increase wireless consistency and link with wired networks across the system. Essentially this method combines the best of converged and centralized network features.

Cloud-Based. Uploading our information to the elusive “cloud” has become part of how we utilize the internet from business to our personal lives. A benefit of utilizing the cloud is that business information can be accessed by your team wherever they go, while still keeping everyone else up-to-date.

Once you decide on the network that is right for you, our team can install and maintain your newly integrated computer network for you. Regular maintenance of your computer network will grant you peace of mind knowing your business files are safe and functioning properly.

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Is Your Computer Running at its Optimal Speed? | Prescott, AZ

We know that a buildup of files on our computer will start to deteriorate the efficiency at which it operates. But did you know that physical buildup within your computer may also impact its performance?

Consider the consequences of operating your business with a computer system that has not been maintained since their inception. What might the software that stores your vital business information look like after five, ten or twenty-five years without maintenance? Probably dingy, and on the verge of a crash.

While most people do well to maintain a balanced file system, very few physically clean their operating systems. While you can get away with this for a while, it will inevitably lead to a crash and potentially numerous consequences that could have your business recovering for months.

Here are some best practices to maintain a healthy computer system

  • Physically clean your computer and operating system
    • Every so often, it’s a good idea to wipe down your computer screen and internal components. It prevents buildup over time and will help keep your computer functioning like new.
    • We recommend shutting the computer down, and cleaning the keyboard, desktop, and internal components. Don’t forget to wipe down your mouse and perimeter of the screen or laptop.
  • Manage your file load
    • Regularly deleting junk, duplicate files and out-of-service programs is very important for the efficiency of your operating system. Reorganizing files and folders and recognizing potentially malicious files are also ways you can maintain the health of your computer.

If you are weary about cleaning out or cleaning up your computer, be sure to seek the advice and aid of an IT professional. Once your computer is clean inside and out, your system will enjoy seamless, quiet performance.

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Online Shopping in a COVID-19 World | Corona, CA

Online Security Protection Internet Safety

Let’s face it – 2020 has been a wild year and on that has us relying on the internet to take care of our families. Whether we are working from home or ordering groceries, being online is a way of life. And this is why it is more important than ever for us to protect ourselves from online hackers and identity theft. Make sure that you have all your security measures in place. The holiday season is a time where cybercriminals are still very much at large, so let’s start this new year safer than ever. The following tips are recommended while you’re doing your shopping online:

An amazing deal. One common tactic that cybercriminals like to use is using very low prices on popular items to lure potential victims in.

Credit over debit. Use your credit card instead of your debit card because if your credit is used for something that you didn’t purchase, it’s easier to resolve issues with your credit card company than with your bank.

Stay alert. Take advantage of your credit card alert features. These instant alerts can alert you when there’s abnormal activity so you can get issues resolved immediately.

Safe apps. For safe online shopping through apps, you must make sure they are downloaded from a trusted source, like the Apple store or Android market. Be sure to read through the various permissions the app is asking you to grant.

Update security features. Keep your cyber information safe by ensuring that all of your security software is updated. Once an update is available, cybercriminals have all the information they need to attack your device.

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Top 5 Windows 10 Updates | Corona, CA

Even though Windows 10 won’t be released for a little while longer, I’m sure everyone is eager to find out what some of these incredible updates are all about. From having Cortana for desktop to Xbox for Windows, Windows 10 definitely has a lot to offer. The following list will include just a few of the major updates Windows 10 will be releasing:

  • Start Menu Is Back- The startup menu is back in action, and is one of the most noticeable changes. The startup menu is two panels side by side, the panel on the left shows pinned and the most recent apps used, while the right side brings back features back from the Windows 8.1, such as live titles, and can be resized.
  • Cortana on Desktop- When you thought being lazy couldn’t get any easier, Windows 10 is going to feature Cortana on your desktop now! Cortana will make things like multitasking easier for you. Say you’re working on a spreadsheet and need to send out an email, just ask Cortana to and it’s done.
  • Xbox App- Soon you will be able to play any Xbox One games from your PC or tablet when installing the Xbox app for Windows 10. Windows new operating system will improve the speed and graphics performance thank you DirectX 12 support. The Xbox app also lets you recorded, edit and share your victories with Game DVR feature.
  • Improved Multitasking- Another new feature is Multiple Desktops, which lets you run another set of windows as if you’re using another screen but without a physical monitor. You can create a desktop for home only which could be apps such as Netflix and Pinterest, and one specifically for work where you keep Word and Excel.
  • Project Spartan- Say goodbye to Internet Explorer, and hello to Project Spartan. This new browser will include features like PDF support, which helps improves the layout of long articles, and also a note taking feature.  This browser lets you scribble on any webpage and share your comments with friends through social networking by using a slide in menu so you won’t have to leave the browser. Another feature Project Spartan will have is Cortana support within the browser.

These are just some of the wonderful features Windows 10 is going to introduce! Windows 10 will be released around late July 2015, and will be free for one year to users that already have Windows 7 and 8.1.

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