Keep Business Costs In Check – Using Managed Services for Your IT Needs | Prescott, AZ

When you partner with our IT professionals for their Managed Services program, you receive premier service and reliability, while staying within your budget. The classic model of IT service has been “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. When it does break, call IT.”

The professionals at Up and Running believe in a more consistent approach to technical services. They believe that if you maintain your equipment through routine maintenance, and proactive solutions to potential threats, it goes farther than the “break/fix” approach.

A managed services contract allows you to focus on what you do best, while IT keeps the technology current with the growth of your business. It also lets you budget for these services, rather than be surprised by a sudden crash and costly repair bill.

What sets Up and Running apart, is that we are prepared to provide all the equipment you might need to keep technology current. Our team is also trained to install video and music systems in both residential and commercial spaces.

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Is Your Data Secure? | Prescott, AZ

Your business’ hard-earned data is essential to it’s daily operation. Making sure the information that has accumulated about and within your organization is secure, matters. That is why the experts at Up and Running Computer Services trust MyGlue for their client’s business information.

MyGlue is an application that allows you to store, create and maintain internal and IT managed passwords all in the same place. Employees can create, view and share Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other internal information throughout the organization. The application also allows you to share certain items with your IT provider atomically, reducing overall incoming email traffic.

From training documents for new employees to checklists for task management and a mobile application, MyGlue could be the next step in data security and remote management for your business.

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What To Do If You Have a Power Outage | Prescott, AZ

Is your computer system prepared to withstand the fall out from a power outage? Power outages and electricity pikes can place the computer system into “shock”, causing it to lose your files.

If you do experience a power surge or outage, we recommend attempting to save and properly shut down your computer before the battery gives out. If you can do this, it is less likely that your files and information will be lost. If your system is impacted by a power issue, seek a computer specialist. The experts at Up and Running are always available to answer your questions and restore your computer.

If your computer is not yet equipped to remain stable during power surges or outages, we recommend an Uninterruptible Power Supply. A UPS is a backup power supply that kicks in when the flow of electricity when the voltage drops. Investing in a UPS will give you peace of mind, and time to save your files and turn off the device. It very well could save your business’ vital documents and you from costly repairs.

Another benefit of a UPS for your system is that it remains active even if you aren’t with your device at the time of a power outage. It will shut down your device and help get it started again.

Having a backup plan for when the power goes out is an important consideration. The professionals at Up and Running Computer Solutions understand what your business means to you and want to help you prepare for the worst.

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Is Your System Vulnerable to Getting Hacked? | Prescott, AZ

In the digital age, online hackers have figured out how to access just about anything – that includes your computer system. Just about everyone has heard of the term “virus” – malware that impacts your computer system or mobile device. While it is uncommon, there are different types of malware that one might encounter and we want you to be prepared.

Adware: A dangerous and profitable malware, Adware works by automatically downloading or displaying advertisements upon use.

Spyware: This malware type tracks your internet activity to “learn” what adware to target your system with.

Worms: A malware “worm” software works to replicate itself for the purpose of deleting data files on your system until it’s empty.

Trojan Horse: Arguably the most dangerous malware, a Trojan Horse is designed to discover financial information and take over your computer system’s resources.

Ransomware: Ransomware works as it sounds – it will lock you out of your computer until you pay for “cybercrimes” as retribution.

Of course, the best way to protect your information and circumvent potential malware-related issues is to secure your system. If you’re unsure what protections your devices feature, would like to set up security measures, or are experiencing malware issues, call the experts at Up and Running today!

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Shop Online the Safe Way | Prescott, AZ

Online shopping is great; it has become the premier way for busy parents, professionals, and anyone with a computer to quickly and conveniently get what they need. However, it has also become a gateway for information and financial theft as faulty payment systems fall victim to hackers and scam artists attempt the manipulate the system. Of course, issues can occur at any time, but the holidays are especially rife with cyber criminals seeking an easy dollar. Here are some ways you can better protect yourself from cyber crime while you shop.

Use credit, not debit. Generally, when you use a credit card to purchase items online, it is easier to refute any mischarge that may occur. Debit cards function like cash and thus are more prone to hacking.

Usage alerts. Any major bank is going to offer some degree of protection for you to manage your finances, and its best to utilize these services. Note that you may have to opt-in to these features, so double check with your bank that you’re receiving as much information about your financial activity as possible.

Choose apps. Financial applications that can be downloaded to your phone have been certified by your application store as legitimate. When they are from a trusted source and you set permissions, you are taking that extra step to ensure your information is secure.

Don’t believe everything you see. Super low prices and suspect means of attaining credit card information should be a cause for concern, despite how good the deal may seem. You will save yourself a lot of strife by buying from a legitimate retailer for more money, rather than trying to reverse damage caused by an online scam.

Stay current. One way to keep your cyber information safe is to consistently update your software. As technology advances, and criminals try to keep up, it becomes increasingly important to stay on the cutting edge of cyber security.

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What are the Most Common Network Issues? | Prescott, AZ

As your business expands, so will your need for an effective computer networking system. Any business can benefit from the availability for coworkers to work within an integrated system designed to optimize connectivity. Just like your enterprise, these systems are comprised of individual parts working together to make things run smoothly. While these tend to be an important means for your business to grow, its not a perfect system. Here are some common issues your integrated networking system may encounter and tips on how to overcome them.

Slow Connection. A slow connection can be the result of any number of things, but if your network cards are faulty, or your company retains large files, these tend to be the culprit. Our team recommends keeping file sizes to less than 20mb to keep your storage capacity from being overrun.

IP Conflicts. Every computer has its own application programming interface (IP address) that works to identify your computer’s activity within a network interface as well as your location. Duplication can happen, if it does, it can confuse the system and your operations. We recommend resetting the router.

Bad Cables. Over time, connection cables burn out, get mangled or otherwise begin to fail. It’s important to consistently maintain the wiring and cables of your computers, along with the computers themselves. If your cables do burn out, don’t attempt to rewire the system yourself, call the professionals at URCS.

WiFi Signal. A weak wifi connection will slowly grind productivity to a halt and there are several reasons why your connection may be faulty. Anything from a poor office layout to something blocking your signal, or even the need to update your firmware can result in a poor wifi signal hindering productivity.

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Secure your Network and Business | Prescott, AZ

In an age of rapidly evolving technological advancements and the prominence of tech-savvy hackers, identity and information theft has increased ten-fold. While it may seem like having anything online makes you a target for a security breach, there are ways you can keep your personal and professional information safe.

When you consider your online passwords, sensitive information and business records – do you feel secure? If you don’t, we have some tips that may help restore your peace of mind, protect your information and be useful to pass along to friends and family.

We need the internet to stay connected to our loved ones and run our businesses; we may not be able to rid our enterprise of the internet, but we can certainly secure our information.

Create Strong Passwords. Make a pattern you can remember or download a secure app that will store your passwords for you. Its never a bad idea to change passwords every 6 months either.

Keep your operating system and other critical software up to date.

Limit the amount of personal information you share online and use privacy settings.

Be cautious about what you read online or in an email – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

At Up and running Computer Solutions our experienced team of professionals stays current on the latest in cybersecurity. We can help you identify points of access and strengthen security in those areas. Once your information is secure, we will monitor malicious activity, run software updates and back up your information regularly so you can be sure your business information remains yours.

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Which Type of Wireless Network is Right for my Business? | Prescott, AZ

Its easy to believe that all wireless network carriers are the same. After all, they all provide internet to your enterprise, right? Well, unfortunately you could be contacted with a carrier that doesn’t meet the needs of your growing enterprise. Each system has been designed to accommodate a consistent connection for your business in different ways.

At Up and Running Computer Solutions, we help you choose the best wireless network for you, and help you manage the one you choose. You can choose to incorporate either centralized development, converged development and cloud-based development into your business operations. Here is a breakdown of the differences between the wireless options.

Centralized Deployment. A great option for the business owner whose enterprise is composed of a cluster of proximal buildings or networks. This system is a centralized operation, meaning updates are easier and it can handle advanced wireless functionality.

Converged Deployment. This system consists of an access switch and suits the business with branch offices. A converged deployment wireless option will increase wireless consistency and will connect wireless to wired devices.

Cloud-based Deployment. Using a dashboard to manage all of the devices on a network, an enterprise with remote workers may seek this option. A third party space where operations can be managed and accessible from anywhere certainly has its perks.

Whatever the needs of your business, when you work with the professionals at Up and Running Computer Solutions, you can feel confident that your wireless connection is right for you. Our experienced team will work with you to decide on a wireless option, install and maintain the system so you can focus on growing your business.

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The Importance of a Network Administrator | Prescott, AZ

A network administrator is responsible for solving any issues that may arise within the scope of your computer network. Our experienced team has the skills and resources necessary to tackle all your network needs. These services include the installation and configuration of your computer hardware, as well as monitoring system functionality to ensure, as well as improve, the performance of your operating system over time as technology advances. They may also include supporting local area networks, wide area networks, network segments, intranets, and other communications systems. Incorporating a network administrator onto your team could be the difference your business needs.

At Up and Running Computer Solutions, we manage all aspects of computer system operations for your business while providing five-star service and remaining updated on the latest in computer technology. We have our finger on the pulse of computer system technologies, allowing the functionality and information retention for your business to grow with you. We prioritize the technological nuances that work behind the scenes of your business that keep it running at full capacity because your enterprise matters to us as much as we know it matters to you.

While you handle the operations of your business on the front end, our professionals engage with the technology that keeps it running. Whether your business is expanding, you have noticed a decrease in efficiency or even if you are experiencing technological issues, it may be time to consider integrating a network administrator to your team. The professionals at Up and Running Computer Solutions are dedicated to the continual maintenance and improvement of your computer network so you can remain dedicated to its expansion. Call Up and Running Computer Solutions in Prescott, AZ for more information about how our team of experienced professionals can help with your network administration needs at 951.737.8558 or visit us online at

Managed IT Services: A Must For Your Business | Prescott, AZ

Your business matters to you; it’s something you have poured yourself into and something you want to prosper. In today’s globalized marketplace, there are few more worthwhile investments for your company than managed information technology services.

By integrating managed information technology (IT) services into your business, you gain peace of mind. Why? Our team will actively monitor your network, servers, and computer operating functions 24/7 to ensure they are up-to-date and working at full capacity. Our team of experienced experts have seen what can happen when business information is corrupted by malware, and we are here to ensure it won’t to happen to you. By incorporating preventative services into your business plan, you are expanding the security of your information and longevity of your enterprise.

There are many benefits to utilizing Up and Running Computer Solutions for your IT service needs. A managed services contract can be budgeted into your regular expense account and will allow you to stop worrying about your network, knowing a professional has your back. Preventable issues such as malware infiltration, data loss and corroded computer hardware are all things our team will monitor as part of your contract. They are also all issues that have caused business owners to lose their hard-earned clientele sheets, data and financial security.

The professionals at Up and Running Computer Solutions are committed to the security of your business information and with our finger on the pulse of technology, can anticipate how best to update your systems so you never have to worry. Peace of mind for your business; that is the real benefit of integrating managed IT services into your enterprise.

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