Easy Computer Maintenance | Prescott, AZ

Computer maintenance may seem like something that is best left to the experts. While you should seek advice and have your computer components cleaned by an expert, basic maintenance can be easier than you think. It’s also important; caring for your computer before things get out of hand goes a long way to the life of your computer.

One of the most important elements of care for our computers may seem like the most simple. It’s important not to eat or drink around your computer and to utilize a padded case whenever it is not being utilized. Over time, seemingly small things like crumbs or a bit of water along the edge of the computer on the desk amount to gunk between the keys. Keeping the components clean will help keep your computer running efficiently for as long as it may go.

External drives are a great investment for computer care. Our computers have limited storage and memory capacity, so when there is an abundance of files it starts to break things down. Transitioning older files or completed projects to an external drive will help keep the amount of files you computer has to track to a minimum. This allows it to become more efficient with other processes and ultimately keeps the hard drive from becoming overworked.

Another great way to continually maintain your computer is to allow for software updates. Updates patch holes in the system or bugs that outdated technology may leave behind. Rather than an inefficient necessity, updates should be viewed as part and parcel to the longevity of your system. Updates also allow your system to handle files sent from others whose computers could be on the latest version so you aren’t left out.

Properly shutting down you computer, putting it to sleep and keeping the brightness at an appropriate level for the lighting conditions also makes a difference. It helps maintain battery life and tells your computer when it can recover; rather than leaving it on all the time which ruins efficiency over time. We recommend charging your computer when it is off, rather than in use to help maintain the battery life.

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Keeping Your Hard Drive Safe | Prescott, AZ

The world is full of online security products, because you can never be too safe. It seems there is always another virus or hacker trying to steal someone’s identity or private information. So, we have all of these ways to back up our information. The cloud is secure but can be hacked. It is important that you have a physical hard drive that can keep everything together, in case something happens to your information or internet storage.

Your hard drive is where all of the information on your computer is stored, but like everything, it will begin to develop natural wear and tear, and over time they will start fail. A failure could happen at any time, and without warning. Making sure your hard drive is backed up is also very important.

As your hard drive begins to age, it will begin to show these common signs. If you keep them in mind, you won’t be surprised if it happens to die on you at a moment’s notice.

  • If Windows is always telling you that it needs to check the consistency of your hard drive, it could be trying to tell you your hard drive is about ready to fail.
  • If your computer begins to make strange sounds you don’t typically recognize.
  • Files you use are beginning to suddenly have unexplained errors.
  • A computer begins to slow down doing regular tasks will eventually lead to a complete freeze or crash.

If your computer begins to give you trouble, there’s no need to panic. Make sure that you have everything backed up as much as possible and you won’t become overwhelmed by computer issues.

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Signs Your Computer May Need an Expert Opinion | Prescott, AZ

Whether you use your computer for work or just pleasure, when something goes awry, it tends to cause a bit of panic, especially when you aren’t a computer expert. But when is the time to ask for help? For many of us, we are always unsure. But it is important to know that it’s okay not to know what is happening when your computer is on the fritz. So, if you find that your computer is acting funny, keep these tips in mind:

Little problems nearly always become big problems. There are several key things that a casual computer user does on a daily basis that can result in a massive problem down the road.

  • Overuse of cleaning programs and efficiency scanners
  • Refusal to acknowledge error messages
  • Failure to clean out old programs and files
  • Not getting routine maintenance

When you don’t correct these problems immediately, they get worse. Proper care of a computer and routine check ins with an expert are both important to proper health and your wallet.

Be able to relay what’s going on. Proper communication can mean you get your device back faster than if they have to guess what is wrong. Sometimes the simplest act of giving them a call, and describing what is wrong, can ease your mind about what is happening.

Everything expires. Even with steady replacement of bad parts, good care, and a proper use of a computer it will eventually die. Learning how to judge when enough replacing is enough is an art as much as it is a science.

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IT Services and How They Help You Stay Connected | Prescott, AZ

Information Technology is so woven into our lives that we may not consider the wide variety of services on offer. IT technicians provide the services that allow your enterprise to operate and grow. Here are some of the most common IT services our technicians share with clients to keep them up and running.

The Cloud. Cloud Storage refers to the ability for your computer to reserve space on its hard drive and retain files over the internet for remote access. This is great for teams working across distances or for team members who travel. Computer technicians can help maintain the cloud’s updates and storage, allowing your team members retain access to, and ensure smooth operation of the Cloud.

VoIP. This stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a communication tool commonly employed by businesses. It allows team members to communicate via the internet, rather than a phone line. This system is essential for national and international businesses as it bridges the gap in long-distance communications.

Backups. All too often, backing up our computers occurs whenever we get a new device and need to transfer files. Unfortunately, backing up files so infrequently is risky, as a crash can eliminate important documents without retribution. IT specialists can do their best to retrieve missing files, but we recommend backing up your computer at least 4 times per year, or once every three months to avoid a total loss or potential inability to recover lost information.

Network Security. A secure network is paramount to the operation of your business. A technician can build protective firewalls, install anti-virus software and private networks, and provide routine maintenance checks to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Remote Support. If you or a team member are in the field experiencing technological issues, our specialists can assist remotely. By accessing your computer via the internet, we can analyze what is causing your disruption and work to fix it in real time.

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Which Computer is Right For You? | Prescott, AZ

When purchasing a new computer for your home or office, it is important to understand the ways each option may work to better support your needs. With so many options on the market from different providers, we understand it can be a confusing, and sometimes frustrating process to find what is right for you.

We have compiled some of the most common questions we receive regarding computer compatibility to share with you. Of course, this is not a complete list of considerations, but we feel it can help guide you in the right direction.

Processing Power. Commonly referred to as CPU, the processor gives the computer instructions for how to complete a task. There are a lot of processor options for Windows, and Mac computers are being updated with every version. Consider what you are using your computer for; high intensity processors are great for gaming, whereas common processors will allow you to complete your daily tasks.

RAM. This refers to the computer’s memory, or how much you can do at once. Most of us can get away with 8GB of memory to support our daily usage needs. If you utilize your system for video editing or gaming however, you may want to consider a 16GB option, as it will allow you to work more efficiently.

Hard Drive. Your hard drive storage is an important factor for a computer. This is where all your digital content will be stored. While you will have a certain amount of hard drive space on your computer, hard drives can be internally upgraded or externally added, allowing you more storage options as your enterprise grows.

Software. While hardware refers to the physical components of your computer, software comprises all the programs and procedures. Software allows your computer to open and run search engines and remembers your computer preferences. It is important to operate on the latest software updates to maintain computer health.

Graphics. Depending on what you seek to accomplish on your computer, there are two different options for graphics: AMD and NVIDIA. AMD is a great option for gaming, where as NVIDIA works well with Adobe programs.

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Why your computer is Running Slow & How to Solve It | Prescott, AZ

We tend to utilize our computes a lot. Most of us don’t even realize how long we have had our computers until it starts running slowly or begins to fail. For our computers to keep running quickly and seamlessly, its important to update our software and perform basic maintenance on the hardware along the way.

Here are some ways you can keep your computer up and running smoothly.

Storage Space. This is a major contributor to slow computer speed. It is good practice to always have 200- 500 megabytes of space on the hard drive. This is space that will be used to update applications and software. If you notice your storage availability is less, its time to clean out old files and invest in an exterior hard drive to free space on the laptop itself.

Damaged Hardware. Hardware refers to the physical microchips, fans and other equipment that compose the computer itself. Over time, these components can corrode or burn out if not properly maintained or replaced. Damaged hardware could be making your computer run slowly.

Background Programs. When we start our computers, certain applications are activated and take up our computer’s output without us even realizing it. Discovering which programs these may be and disabling them will help to recover your computer’s efficiency.

Windows and Apple Updates. When your computer asks you to update the system, its because the manufacturer fixed bugs and enhanced the plugins of your system. It is important to keep up with these improvements as it contributes to a smoother operation and enhanced features to keep it that way.

Memory Capacity. The larger your business grows, or the longer you use your computer, the more files you will collect. Be sure to monitor the memory capacity on your computer and choose which files need to be stored to your cloud. If your computer doesn’t have a lot of memory storage, it could start to slow down your system.

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4 Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet | Prescott, AZ

There are millions of people uploading pieces of data in the trillions onto the internet all the time. As the internet has expanded, so has the ability to utilize it as a tool with good and bad intent. Its hard to keep up with every development of the internet, and how to keep ourselves and families safe.

Here are a few ways you can avoid getting involved in potential scams and keep your information safe.

Mind your Clicks. Cyber hackers utilize tools such as emails and text messages to pop-ups that work to distract and entice the target. Be cautious when investigating any links to or from unknown sources through email or any kind of instant message service. What may look like a normal link can implant a virus on your computer that can do anything from generate annoying advertisements to stealing private information.

Update Regularly. Updating applications and software on your computer and phone are an easy way to ensure your devices have the latest security features. Regular updates fix any holes in your security, as well as implement code to combat the latest in internet trickery so you can avoid issues all together.

Passwords. Cyber criminals can be quick to discover patterns in your passwords, and create algorithms to uncover them. By keeping passwords varied, it makes it more difficult to learn. Worried you won’t remember them all? We suggest an encrypted excel sheet to store your passwords.

Personally Identifiable Information. Information that identifies you specifically is precious. These are things like your social security number; it is extremely important to keep this information private and only share it with sources you know are legitimate.

Incorporating these tips and tricks will go a long way in protecting you and your family from potentially serious and damaging internet scams and hacks.

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When its Time to Call an Expert | Prescott, AZ

Utilizing the computer has become an essential part of most of our lives, so when something happens that we don’t recognize, its easy to become confused and worried about your information.

Thankfully, most of the time, we have simply pressed an odd key or are running low on battery. But, what about the times when that isn’t the case? What are the warning sings to get a second opinion?

Casual Disregard. The everyday computer operator can do something that causes their system to begin a steady decline.

  • Overuse of cleaning programs and efficiency scans
  • Ignoring error messages
  • Retaining outdated files and programs
  • No routine maintenance

These are the more common ways a little extra step sometimes can go a long way, as these seemingly small worries may spiral into major issues later.

Inability to Express Problems. Its okay to not be a computer wizard; that is what we are here for! Being unable to express to a technician what is happening to your machine, or the ways you may have been less-than-kind to your operating system, makes correcting issues that much harder. Pay attention to warning signs and if you are unsure, consult an expert sooner than later.

Expiration. Everything expires, your computer and its components are no exception. Even if you clean out file and wipe your hard drive down, you could still experience a crash due to the age of your components. Understanding how old your software is and when to replace them will go a long way in ensuring the health of your system.

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Which Network Type is Right for Me? | Prescott, AZ

It seems that the idea of utilizing the right network for your business can become overwhelming. There are many means of accomplishing the same thing when it comes to how you decide to operate, and its true that all networks are not the same.

At Up and Running, our seasoned professionals are happy to guide your decision based on your needs and help maintain the one you choose. There are three different ways any business can have their network function; centralized, converged and cloud-based deployment. Here is a breakdown of each, so you can determine which system is best for you.

Centralized. This is a great option for businesses utilizing different buildings or cluster of nearby networks. Centralized deployment means that upgrading your system will be easier and updates will happen across the system. This type of deployment consolidates the wireless networks into one control zone, allowing for enhanced wireless functionality.

Converged. Branch office operations may get the most out of a converged deployment network. With an access switch, you can increase wireless consistency and link with wired networks across the system. Essentially this method combines the best of converged and centralized network features.

Cloud-Based. Uploading our information to the elusive “cloud” has become part of how we utilize the internet from business to our personal lives. A benefit of utilizing the cloud is that business information can be accessed by your team wherever they go, while still keeping everyone else up-to-date.

Once you decide on the network that is right for you, our team can install and maintain your newly integrated computer network for you. Regular maintenance of your computer network will grant you peace of mind knowing your business files are safe and functioning properly.

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Are You Tired of Computer Problems? | Prescott, AZ

Computer problems may arise for several reasons. If your operating system is not up-to-date, or the components are worn out, it can cause serious issues.

If you have been experiencing computer problems, it is important to seek the opinion of an experienced technician. Regular maintenance of your system’s digital spaces and hardware is crucial to its operation.

Here are a few ways you can avoid computer issues before they happen.

            Security. Taking time to repair the “holes” in your system’s security over time and as technology advances, will go a long way in protecting your data. Occasional server downtime for security maintenance is an investment in the long-term health of your business.

            Performance. Keeping up with server updates and enhanced features will allow the operating system to keep up with technological advancement. Small improvements over time culminate in the consistent performance of your computer for years to come.

            Backups. Whenever your system undergoes maintenance, back up your newest files, evaluate resource allocation and clean out internal files to keep things fresh and accounted for. Decluttering and organizing internal files is as important as cleaning its physical components.

Taking these steps should help retain a healthy operating system but incorporating an experienced technician into your business will ensure the security, longevity and efficiency of your business, so you don’t have to. If you would like to learn more, call the professionals at Up and Running Computer Solutions at 951.737.8558 or visit us online at www.urcs.net