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There are plenty of reasons a computer will need some type of technical support, whether it be from something simple to something much more complex. Because computer issues are more a headache if you don’t have any idea what is going wrong, here are three of the ore common reasons your computer is on the fritz:

Malicious software. Viruses, adware, spyware, worms, trojan horses and any other type of software that is designed to cause mischief with you or your computer. You can get malware anytime you’re browsing the internet, downloading an email attachment, accessing a different computer through a network, or when you’re plugging in an infected flash drive.

Slow computer. Like a new home or car; if you don’t take proper care of your computer, you’re going to have problems so it’s very important to make good use of your computer resources. Every computer has a limited amount of storage space, ram memory and processing speed. The more programs, documents, music, videos, pictures and tool bars you have, the slower your computer will run.

Hard drive failure. If you’ve been hearing your computer make loud noises it’s never made before, be scared because those noises could be coming from your hard drive. The hard drive is where everything is stored and hearing a clicking noise when you access data is one of the first signs of hard drive malfunctions. Hard drives can stop working for a myriad of reasons, but they typically crash due to mechanical failure, a violent shake, electrical surge, or even viruses.

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Signs Your Hard Drive Is Failing | IT Services Corona, CA

Hard drive failure can be quite devastating for most people. Our hard drives are typically full of important files like personal information, photos, audio files and videos. Few people fail to realize just like any other electronic devices, hard drives have a limited life span as well. The average lifespan of a stationary hard drive is about 5-10 years. Fortunately, your hard drive will start to show signs of failure before facing a fatal failure, which will give you a chance to react. There are plenty of signs and symptoms you can keep an eye and ear out for, those include the following:

  • Computer Freezes- If your computer hard drive is about to fail you will find your computer slowing drastically and freezing constantly. If your computer is freezing while trying to access particular files, you should shut down and restart your computer. If your computer still freezing while trying to access that same files, you may be experiencing hard drive failure.
  • Corrupted Data- If your files are starting to disappear or are failing to open even though they were saved with no error, you should worry a bit. This could be a possible sign of gradual hard drive failure.
  • Strange Sounds- When you start hearing noises coming from your hard drive such as clicking or grinding, that’s when you should really start worrying. This very common sign of a failing hard drive is known as the click of death.
  • Chkdsk Command- This is another common sign of a failing hard drive. If every time you start up your computer,  it automatically runs the Chkdsk command while its booting up this may indicate hard drive failure.

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