How to Know if You Have a Computer Virus | Prescott, AZ

There are several ways that your computer can become infected with a virus. It can happen while you’re browsing the internet, downloading an email attachment, accessing a different computer through a network, or when you’re plugging in a flash drive that was previously plugged into an infected device.

While it’s easy for a computer to become infected with a virus, it’s not as easy to identify the virus symptoms. Especially when you take into consideration that the best or worst viruses (depending on how you look at it), will infect your computer without being detected.

For your convenience we have put together a list of the most common virus symptoms:

  • Your computer is suddenly running slower than usual.
  • Your computers frequently freeze or stop responding.
  • Your computer is restarting and crashing constantly.
  • Your computer isn’t running normally and starts on its own.
  • Your applications aren’t working correctly, especially your web browser.
  • You aren’t able to access your hard drive or additional disk drives.
  • You are seeing unusual error messages.
  • Your antivirus software is turned off and not by you.
  • You are seeing pop-ups and dialog boxes everywhere.
  • Your hard drive and modem are working extra.
  • Your computer starts performing actions on its own.
  • You aren’t able to print correctly.

If you believe that your computer has been infected with a virus, or if you’ve noticed one or more of the above symptoms on your computer, disconnect it from the internet or your local network right away. You can do so by unplugging your network cable or turning off the wireless connection. By performing the actions above, you can stop your computer from spreading the virus to your family, friends, and co-workers.

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When to Call in a Computer Expert | Prescott, AZ

Whether you use your computer for work or just pleasure, when something goes awry, it tends to cause a bit of panic, especially when you aren’t a computer expert. When is the time to ask for help? For many of us, we are always unsure. It is important to know that it’s okay not to know what is happening when your computer is on the fritz. So, if you find that your computer is acting funny, keep these tips in mind:

Little problems nearly always become big problems. There are several key things that a casual computer user does on a daily basis that can result in a massive problem down the road.

  • Overuse of cleaning programs and efficiency scanners
  • Refusal to acknowledge error messages
  • Failure to clean out old programs and files
  • Not getting routine maintenance

When you don’t correct these problems immediately, they get worse. Proper care of a computer and routine check-ins with an expert are both important to proper health and your wallet.

Be able to relay what’s going on. Proper communication can mean you get your device back faster than if they have to guess what is wrong. Sometimes the simplest act of giving them a call, and describing what is wrong, can ease your mind about what is happening.

Everything expires. Even with steady replacement of bad parts, good care, and proper use of a computer, it will eventually die. Learning how to judge when enough replacing is enough is an art as much as it is a science.

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