Does my business need Computer Networking? | Corona, CA


Having a computer network set up at your business only benefits the business and employee productivity. Networking is about sharing. With a computer network you can share information, resources, applications, emails and office documents.

A large hard drive is set up on a central server computer where a common storage area is used to store files that can be shared throughout the office. Individual files can be worked on between several employees without having more than one document created. All users can share the one document and have access to it when they need it.

Printers, scanner and other external devices can be used by all employees. No more need to have a printer on every employee’s desk. This saves you money. With the money you save not having multiple printers, etc. you can invest in one piece of high quality equipment.

Also, different applications can be used by all employees. For example, accounting software, data entry software, etc. can be seen and used by the whole company. Don’t want all employees to have access to all programs? Not a problem. Permissions can be given for only those employees chosen to access those programs.

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Don’t be fooled by Anti-Virus Pop Ups | Computer Repair | Corona, CA


Do you get pop ups on your computer saying your anti-virus software is out of date or your computer is infected, but you don’t remember having that anti-virus program? That’s because you don’t. These are rogue anti-virus programs.

The anti-virus programs pretend to be legitimate programs, but end up locking your computer making it appear you have a virus. They will say that your computer has viruses and you will need to activate the program in order to resume use of your computer. To activate the program they require a credit card. This is a scam. Never give out your credit card information.

These anti-virus programs are designed to scare you into buying their product or your computer will not work. But, don’t worry, they can be removed and your computer will be fine.  Call us at Up & Running Computer Solutions, Inc.  and we will help you get that rogue anti-virus program removed.

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