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Have you noticed your computer running a little slow lately? Does it take a while to boot up or open documents or applications? A slow computer could be caused by several different problems. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons.

  • Limited space on hard drive: You should have at least 200-500MB of hard drive space left.  If you have below that amount you will need to delete temporary files and used files or programs to free up some hard drive space.
  • Corrupted Hard Drive: Run a ScanDisk to ensure there is nothing physically wrong with the hard drive.
  • Viruses: Use a virus scanner to scan your computer for spyware or malware.
  • Programs that open in the background: Disable all programs that automatically start when you boot your computer.
  • Windows Updates: Make sure you have installed all the latest Windows updates and all browser plugins.
  • Overheating: Dust and dirt restricts air flow through the computer. Without proper air flow your computer can overheat. Make sure there are no obstructions around your computer and that all fans are working properly.
  • Limited Memory: If you have an older computer the memory might not meet the standard requirements needed today. Adding more memory will fix this problem.

Working on your computer can be difficult. Especially if you are not familiar with how computers work. That’s why we are here to help! The IT Services of Up & Running Computer Solutions, Inc. can repair your computer or server. Call today at 951-737-8558 or

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IT Services Corona | Should I be cleaning my computer?

Your desktop computer draws in cool air and blows out hot air. When it’s drawing in the cool air it’s along bringing with it dust, pet hair, and other dirt particles. This can be damaging to your computer requiring computer repair. The debris build up, inhibits your computer’s ability to keep cool. If your computer is running hot it will not perform to its potential and run very slowly. You should clean your computer every 3-6 months.

Here’s how:

  • Gather a soft brush, can of compressed air, cleaning cloths and a vacuum with a nozzle attachment.
  • Turn your computer off, unplug cables and let it cool down.
  • Start by cleaning the outside of the computer with a cloth, then vacuum vents and ports.
  • Take off the side of your computer and vacuum all dirt and dust out of the inside. Be careful not to touch any components.
  • Take your brush and start brushing any remaining dust. The can of compressed air can help with the extra dirty areas.
  • Replace the side to the computer, plug back in your cables and it’s clean and ready to be used!

If your computer was damaged due to excessive dirt call the IT Services of  Up & Running Computer Solutions, Inc. at 951-737-8558. We service and repair computers and servers for businesses large and small. Visit our website at

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Computer Repair | How did my computer get a Virus? | Anaheim, CA

Is your computer running slow or do you get frequent pop ups? Your computer could be infected with a virus and in need of computer repair. Now you’re probably wondering how you got a computer virus. There are several different ways a computer can be infected with a virus.

  • Agreeing to prompts: clicking “yes” or “ok” without reading what you are agreeing to and understanding what it’s asking. For example, you get a pop up saying your antivirus is out of date and you need to proceed with an update. This is a virus.
  • Email: opening email attachments from unknown sources or emails from friends and family that have also been infected.
  • Not running updates: a lot of updates are security updates that help keep your computer from getting infected.
  • No Antivirus: if you have a computer that funs Microsoft Windows is it highly recommended that you have antivirus and spyware protection.
  • Internet: internet browsing and downloading software from the internet that could be infected.

Computer viruses can happen to anyone. If you have a computer virus and need to get it removed. Or are in need of other computer repair call Up & Running Computer Solutions, Inc. in Corona, CA at 951-737-8558 or visit our website to make a service request at

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