What to Do when Cleaning Your PC | Corona, CA

Is your computer running a bit slower than usual? Have you been putting off cleaning out your files stored on your desktop? Since February is host to National Clean Out Your Computer Day (February 11th), take some time out and dedicate it to your computer. Before your computer has time to take an unexpected turn for the worse, do yourself a favor and start by cleaning it out today. The following list includes a list of the best practices to keep your computer running at its optimal speed:

Clean your PC. We aren’t talking about the guts of your PC, we mean the outer surfaces. Cleaning your PC’s exterior will not only get rid of food particles, dust and hair that have settled in your keyboard, fan, and other components, it will also allow your computers performance. Before you begin, turn the power off. Clean your keyboard with compressed air and a safe cleaning solution. Wipe down your mouse. Then proceed to use the compressed air to clean your actual computer.

Clean out your PC. This is where you clean the innards of your computer’s brain, because software is just as important as its hardware. Delete all junk, duplicate files and programs that you no longer use. Reorganize those files, folders and don’t forget your desktop. Finally, make sure to check your PC for adware, viruses and other malicious software that may be slowing your system down.

If you aren’t sure how to clean your computer, make sure to consult a professional for additional help. Once your computer is cleaned inside out, enjoy its seamless, quick and quiet performance.

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How to Clean Your Laptop | Corona, CA


Are you keys sticking? Is your laptop starting to look a little grungy? Well maybe it’s time you give your laptop a good cleaning. Every computer requires a cleaning once in a while, and that includes your laptop. Laptops actually require a little more cleaning that a standard computer because they are handled more. The list below includes the steps you will need to take to get your laptop looking shiny and new.

Supplies that you’ll need to gather up:

  • Lint free cloth
  • Mild Dishwashing Detergent
  • Can Of Compressed Air
  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

Before you start, make sure to power down your laptop and unplug it from the wall. If you laptop has a battery make too sure remove that if your model also you to.

The first area you should start cleaning is the lid and bottom of the laptop. Start by mixing a couple drops of dishwasher detergent (such as Dawn) and a couple cups of warm water together, now dip your lint free cloth into the mixture, wring out, and wipe the surface. Rise your cloth with clean water and wipe down again. Lastly, take a dry cloth and wipe down laptop to avoid water streaks.

The next step you should take is cleaning your keyboard, but be sure not to let any liquid drip down into the keyboard. Take your compressed can of air and use that to remove any dirt, dust or crumbs that could be in the crevices of the keyboard. Next, use the isopropyl rubbing alcohol to wipe down your key board to remove any oily residue.

Last but not least, it’s time to clean the vents. If your laptop has large side vents you’ll most likely find some dust bunnies there.  Use your compress can of air to blow the dust out of the vents. By getting rid of excess dust and debris it will not only make your laptop look much better, but it will run better too.

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6 Simple Steps to Clean Your Computer Tower| IT Services Corona, CA

Just like anything else, your computer tower needs a good cleaning every once in a while. You should be cleaning your computer at least every three to six months to prevent dust build up and to keep it from overheating. Ridding your computer of dust and debris build up helps increase you computers performance and keeps it preforming well. The following includes what steps to take to clean your computer tower:

  1. Gather up a soft brush, can of compressed air, electronic safe wipes, a vacuum and a screw driver if you need to remove the computer towers panel.
  2. Make sure to shut down your computer, unplug any cords and let it cool down before you start cleaning.
  3. First start by wiping down the outside of your computer tower with the electronic safe wipe, then proceed by carefully vacuuming out the towers vents.
  4.  Next, remove the panel from the computer tower and start by cautiously vacuuming the inside, be very careful not to touch any of the computers components.
  5.  Now that you’ve vacuumed the loose dust and debris, take you soft brush and brush away the remaining dust. For the extra dusty areas you can use your compressed can of air to help loosen the debris.
  6. Finally, replace the computer panel and plug back in your cables. Now it’s all cleaned up and ready to be used!

There are many benefits that come from cleaning your computer regularly. Dust build up is one of the key factors that cause a computer to overheat, so make sure to keep up on your computer cleanings.

If you think your computer may be damaged from excessive dust and debris build up, contact Up & Running Computer Solutions in Corona, CA at 951-737-8558 to get your computer back up and running in great condition. For more information visit our website at www.urcs.net.

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IT Services Corona | Should I be cleaning my computer?

Your desktop computer draws in cool air and blows out hot air. When it’s drawing in the cool air it’s along bringing with it dust, pet hair, and other dirt particles. This can be damaging to your computer requiring computer repair. The debris build up, inhibits your computer’s ability to keep cool. If your computer is running hot it will not perform to its potential and run very slowly. You should clean your computer every 3-6 months.

Here’s how:

  • Gather a soft brush, can of compressed air, cleaning cloths and a vacuum with a nozzle attachment.
  • Turn your computer off, unplug cables and let it cool down.
  • Start by cleaning the outside of the computer with a cloth, then vacuum vents and ports.
  • Take off the side of your computer and vacuum all dirt and dust out of the inside. Be careful not to touch any components.
  • Take your brush and start brushing any remaining dust. The can of compressed air can help with the extra dirty areas.
  • Replace the side to the computer, plug back in your cables and it’s clean and ready to be used!

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