Secure your Network and Business | Prescott, AZ

In an age of rapidly evolving technological advancements and the prominence of tech-savvy hackers, identity and information theft has increased ten-fold. While it may seem like having anything online makes you a target for a security breach, there are ways you can keep your personal and professional information safe.

When you consider your online passwords, sensitive information and business records – do you feel secure? If you don’t, we have some tips that may help restore your peace of mind, protect your information and be useful to pass along to friends and family.

We need the internet to stay connected to our loved ones and run our businesses; we may not be able to rid our enterprise of the internet, but we can certainly secure our information.

Create Strong Passwords. Make a pattern you can remember or download a secure app that will store your passwords for you. Its never a bad idea to change passwords every 6 months either.

Keep your operating system and other critical software up to date.

Limit the amount of personal information you share online and use privacy settings.

Be cautious about what you read online or in an email – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

At Up and running Computer Solutions our experienced team of professionals stays current on the latest in cybersecurity. We can help you identify points of access and strengthen security in those areas. Once your information is secure, we will monitor malicious activity, run software updates and back up your information regularly so you can be sure your business information remains yours.

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Which Type of Wireless Network is Right for my Business? | Prescott, AZ

Its easy to believe that all wireless network carriers are the same. After all, they all provide internet to your enterprise, right? Well, unfortunately you could be contacted with a carrier that doesn’t meet the needs of your growing enterprise. Each system has been designed to accommodate a consistent connection for your business in different ways.

At Up and Running Computer Solutions, we help you choose the best wireless network for you, and help you manage the one you choose. You can choose to incorporate either centralized development, converged development and cloud-based development into your business operations. Here is a breakdown of the differences between the wireless options.

Centralized Deployment. A great option for the business owner whose enterprise is composed of a cluster of proximal buildings or networks. This system is a centralized operation, meaning updates are easier and it can handle advanced wireless functionality.

Converged Deployment. This system consists of an access switch and suits the business with branch offices. A converged deployment wireless option will increase wireless consistency and will connect wireless to wired devices.

Cloud-based Deployment. Using a dashboard to manage all of the devices on a network, an enterprise with remote workers may seek this option. A third party space where operations can be managed and accessible from anywhere certainly has its perks.

Whatever the needs of your business, when you work with the professionals at Up and Running Computer Solutions, you can feel confident that your wireless connection is right for you. Our experienced team will work with you to decide on a wireless option, install and maintain the system so you can focus on growing your business.

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