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Data Security


Say goodbye to password insecurity, and say hello to MyGlue. Store, create, and maintain your own passwords, plus view all passwords that your IT provider manages for you - all in the same app.

Secure File Storage & Sharing

Let your employees create, view, and securely share Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and all other information within your organization. You can also choose to share these files with your IT provider to eliminate email overload.

SOP's, Training Documents & Checklists

Don’t let inefficiency hold your organization back. Easily create training documents, standard operating procedures and checklists to ensure all of your tasks are being completed thoroughly and accurately.

Mobile Accessibility

Don't leave your information behind. Instead, MyGlue offers you everything you need while on the go with our mobile app for iOS and Android, complete with secure Touch ID, Face ID, and fingerprint authentication.


MyGlue protects your data with state-of-the-art security, including role-based permissions, audit trail, version history, two-factor authentication (if desired) and the gold standard of cloud software security, SOC 2 compliance. MyGlue is also HIPPA compliant.

Chrome Extension

Enhance your clients efficiency. How? With one less login of course. The MyGlue Chrome Extension allows your employees to automatically sign into websites using the credentials they store in MyGlue.