Sizester – Re-sizing Photos Made Easy!

Do you find it frustrating when trying to email a photo or upload a photo to a social site and it says the file is too big? And trying to re-size your photo seems nearly impossible? Well now there is an easier way thanks to Sizester.

Sizester is an easy, user friendly application that helps you to reduce file sizes for emailing, sharing or uploading to storage sites. Upon opening the application, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping  your  photo into the application or copy and pasting.

Once you have your photo in the application there are 3 different ways to reduce file size:

  1. Decrease the physical dimensions by dragging the corners of the image, sliding the image slide bar or manually entering a size.
  2. Reduce image quality. This change is image quality may be barely noticeable.
  3. Cropping

The application also allows for resizing multiple images at once.

Once you are finished you have the option on the toolbar to email, upload to social sites, save it or print it!

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