4 Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet | Prescott, AZ

There are millions of people uploading pieces of data in the trillions onto the internet all the time. As the internet has expanded, so has the ability to utilize it as a tool with good and bad intent. Its hard to keep up with every development of the internet, and how to keep ourselves and families safe.

Here are a few ways you can avoid getting involved in potential scams and keep your information safe.

Mind your Clicks. Cyber hackers utilize tools such as emails and text messages to pop-ups that work to distract and entice the target. Be cautious when investigating any links to or from unknown sources through email or any kind of instant message service. What may look like a normal link can implant a virus on your computer that can do anything from generate annoying advertisements to stealing private information.

Update Regularly. Updating applications and software on your computer and phone are an easy way to ensure your devices have the latest security features. Regular updates fix any holes in your security, as well as implement code to combat the latest in internet trickery so you can avoid issues all together.

Passwords. Cyber criminals can be quick to discover patterns in your passwords, and create algorithms to uncover them. By keeping passwords varied, it makes it more difficult to learn. Worried you won’t remember them all? We suggest an encrypted excel sheet to store your passwords.

Personally Identifiable Information. Information that identifies you specifically is precious. These are things like your social security number; it is extremely important to keep this information private and only share it with sources you know are legitimate.

Incorporating these tips and tricks will go a long way in protecting you and your family from potentially serious and damaging internet scams and hacks.

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