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In a world where it seems everything is getting hacked, it is easy to panic when something goes wrong with your computer equipment. The slightest glitch or stall and we are thinking the worst. And when we think of the worst thing that can happen to this equipment, we will generally think about computer viruses. Yes, the evil computer virus is the original enemy of the typical computer user, and in this day and age, it is impossible to not use some type of computer in our daily lives.

Then you hear about malware and a whole new set of questions and concerns come to mind. Let’s break it down – a virus is just one kind of malware, but the actual term is largely used by the public and the only way to protect yourself is to have some type of an anti-virus. The following are various types of malware designed to infect your computer or mobile device:

Adware. Adware is the least dangerous and most profitable malware. It displays ads on your computer.

Spyware. This software spies on you by tracking your internet activity in order to send adware back to your machine.

Worms. A worm replicates itself and destroys data and files on your computer until the drive is completely empty.

Trojan horse. One of the most dangerous malwares, Trojans are designed to discover your financial information and take over your computer’s system resources.

Ransomware. If you see a screen that warns you that you have been locked out of your computer until you pay for your “cybercrimes”, you have ransomware.

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Safer Internet Day: 5 Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet

In our digitally connected world, what can you do to keep yourself and your family safe online? Well today is Safer Internet Day and we here at Up and Running computer Solution would like to help educate and inspire you to better protect yourself and your family online. This years the slogan for Safe Internet Day is “Play your part for a better internet”, so we’ve round up a few tips on how you can play your part in creating a better internet:

  • Update your applications regularly- By keeping the applications and other critical software on your computer updated it enables your system with the latest security fixes, while also protecting it from viruses and other malicious software.
  • Be cautious where you click- I’m sure you’ve seen an interesting topic or video that’s captured you’re attention while browsing a webpage, making you instantly curious to know more about it. Well with one click, this tricky little link could direct you to malicious site where you could share your personal and financial information. Some cyber hackers even hack into emails and send malicious emails to the contacts of the hacked account. Make sure to never open on an attachment from an unknown or “fishy email”.
  • Don’t use the same password- A cybercriminal can figure out a pattern if you’re using the same or a slightly different password for different types of accounts. Most websites suggest that you use a password with a punctuation mark, an upper case letter, a lower case letter, and a number because it makes it much hard for a cybercriminal to hack.
  • Protect your personal info- You should be extremely cautious who you give your personal information to. Don’t give out your social security number or any other sensitive information unless you’re positive who’s receiving it.
  • Keep your children safe online- Start by educating your children about the internet and mold rules around each child’s age. You must also make sure to monitor and pay attention to what your children are doing online.

The tips that have been listed above may seem like common sense, but many times they are over looked, leaving your doors wide open for cybercriminals. Keep yourself and your family safe by exercising caution when browsing the World Wide Web.

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5 Tips for Shopping Safely Online This Holiday Season

Thanks to technology people can now shop from the convenience of their homes to local coffee shops using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. And with the holiday season already in full swing, many of us are doing so. Not only can online shopping save you time but it can also save you from encountering crowds of people that can suck your energy and holiday spirit dry. If you choose to do online holiday shopping, make sure that you have all your security measures in place. The holiday season is a time where cyber criminals are still very much at large. The following tips are recommended if you’re doing online holiday shopping this year:

Too Good To Be True- One common tactic cyber criminals use is using very low prices on popular items to lure potential victims in.

Use a Credit Instead of Debit– Use your credit card instead of your debit card because if your credit is used for something that you didn’t purchase, it’s easier to resolve issues with your credit card company than with your bank.

Credit Card Alert Features– Take advantage of your credit card alert features. These sort of alerts can alarm you when there’s abnormal activity and is very useful during the busy holiday season!

Safe Apps– For safe online shopping through apps you must make sure there are downloaded from a trusted source, such as the Apple Store or Android Market. Be sure to read through the various permissions the app is asking you to grant and note weather they make sense.

Stay Current– Keep your cyber information safe by ensuring that all of your security software is updated. Once an update is available, cyber criminals have all the information they need to attack your device.

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month | Online Security

Online Security Protection Internet Safety

The National Cyber Security Division within the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Alliance has sponsored National Cyber Security Awareness Month, every October since 2004. National Cyber Security Awareness Month is focused on encouraging individuals to be cautious and to use protection while accessing the internet. Weather we realize it or not the internet impacts our lives on a daily basis. We use the internet to connect with family and friends, to handle business and banking online and rely on it for many other services, like electricity and even transportation, which are supported by online systems. Technology has prompted advancements in business, healthcare, music, government and many other industries.

As technology keeps evolving, our lives are becoming easier and more connected than ever. Yet the more our lives become more connected through the internet, the more we become vulnerable for increased risks of theft, fraud and abuse. No one is immune to cyber risks at this point. As individuals, cybersecurity risks can threaten our identities, finances and privacy. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep yourself, your assets and personal information safe online. The following includes a few tips all internet users can take advantages of the month of National Cyber Security Month and throughout the year:

  • Create Strong passwords and do not share them with anyone.
  • Keep operating system, browser and other critical software’s up to date by installing updates.
  • Raise awareness by talking openly with your family, friends and community about Internet safety.
  • Limit the amount of personal information you share online and use privacy setting to avoid sharing information widely
  • Be very cautious about what you receive or read online – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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