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Online shopping is great; it has become the premier way for busy parents, professionals, and anyone with a computer to quickly and conveniently get what they need. However, it has also become a gateway for information and financial theft as faulty payment systems fall victim to hackers and scam artists attempt the manipulate the system. Of course, issues can occur at any time, but the holidays are especially rife with cyber criminals seeking an easy dollar. Here are some ways you can better protect yourself from cyber crime while you shop.

Use credit, not debit. Generally, when you use a credit card to purchase items online, it is easier to refute any mischarge that may occur. Debit cards function like cash and thus are more prone to hacking.

Usage alerts. Any major bank is going to offer some degree of protection for you to manage your finances, and its best to utilize these services. Note that you may have to opt-in to these features, so double check with your bank that you’re receiving as much information about your financial activity as possible.

Choose apps. Financial applications that can be downloaded to your phone have been certified by your application store as legitimate. When they are from a trusted source and you set permissions, you are taking that extra step to ensure your information is secure.

Don’t believe everything you see. Super low prices and suspect means of attaining credit card information should be a cause for concern, despite how good the deal may seem. You will save yourself a lot of strife by buying from a legitimate retailer for more money, rather than trying to reverse damage caused by an online scam.

Stay current. One way to keep your cyber information safe is to consistently update your software. As technology advances, and criminals try to keep up, it becomes increasingly important to stay on the cutting edge of cyber security.

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