What are the Most Common Network Issues? | Prescott, AZ

As your business expands, so will your need for an effective computer networking system. Any business can benefit from the availability for coworkers to work within an integrated system designed to optimize connectivity. Just like your enterprise, these systems are comprised of individual parts working together to make things run smoothly. While these tend to be an important means for your business to grow, its not a perfect system. Here are some common issues your integrated networking system may encounter and tips on how to overcome them.

Slow Connection. A slow connection can be the result of any number of things, but if your network cards are faulty, or your company retains large files, these tend to be the culprit. Our team recommends keeping file sizes to less than 20mb to keep your storage capacity from being overrun.

IP Conflicts. Every computer has its own application programming interface (IP address) that works to identify your computer’s activity within a network interface as well as your location. Duplication can happen, if it does, it can confuse the system and your operations. We recommend resetting the router.

Bad Cables. Over time, connection cables burn out, get mangled or otherwise begin to fail. It’s important to consistently maintain the wiring and cables of your computers, along with the computers themselves. If your cables do burn out, don’t attempt to rewire the system yourself, call the professionals at URCS.

WiFi Signal. A weak wifi connection will slowly grind productivity to a halt and there are several reasons why your connection may be faulty. Anything from a poor office layout to something blocking your signal, or even the need to update your firmware can result in a poor wifi signal hindering productivity.

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