Top 5 Windows 10 Updates | Corona, CA

Even though Windows 10 won’t be released for a little while longer, I’m sure everyone is eager to find out what some of these incredible updates are all about. From having Cortana for desktop to Xbox for Windows, Windows 10 definitely has a lot to offer. The following list will include just a few of the major updates Windows 10 will be releasing:

  • Start Menu Is Back- The startup menu is back in action, and is one of the most noticeable changes. The startup menu is two panels side by side, the panel on the left shows pinned and the most recent apps used, while the right side brings back features back from the Windows 8.1, such as live titles, and can be resized.
  • Cortana on Desktop- When you thought being lazy couldn’t get any easier, Windows 10 is going to feature Cortana on your desktop now! Cortana will make things like multitasking easier for you. Say you’re working on a spreadsheet and need to send out an email, just ask Cortana to and it’s done.
  • Xbox App- Soon you will be able to play any Xbox One games from your PC or tablet when installing the Xbox app for Windows 10. Windows new operating system will improve the speed and graphics performance thank you DirectX 12 support. The Xbox app also lets you recorded, edit and share your victories with Game DVR feature.
  • Improved Multitasking- Another new feature is Multiple Desktops, which lets you run another set of windows as if you’re using another screen but without a physical monitor. You can create a desktop for home only which could be apps such as Netflix and Pinterest, and one specifically for work where you keep Word and Excel.
  • Project Spartan- Say goodbye to Internet Explorer, and hello to Project Spartan. This new browser will include features like PDF support, which helps improves the layout of long articles, and also a note taking feature.  This browser lets you scribble on any webpage and share your comments with friends through social networking by using a slide in menu so you won’t have to leave the browser. Another feature Project Spartan will have is Cortana support within the browser.

These are just some of the wonderful features Windows 10 is going to introduce! Windows 10 will be released around late July 2015, and will be free for one year to users that already have Windows 7 and 8.1.

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