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Did you know that Dell is committed to maximizing the re-use or recycling of all returned Dell products? The Dell Outlet actually refurbishes and sells about 90% of all returned Dell system. The remaining 10% of returned Dell products are resold for parts or recyclable materials, such as plastic, metal, glass.

There are many reasons to buy refurbished Dell systems, for one they don’t use as much new material or as many new parts, which in turn can reduce the environmental impact of your technology purchase. You get the same great quality and value as a new Dell product when you purchase a refurbished Dell product. The Dell Outlet offers three different types of refurbished inventory identity and those include the following:

Certified Refurbished-These PCs are laptops and desktops that have been returned, put through a productions process, and then is tested to make sure it meets all the original factory settings. Some Certified Refurbished products may have slight cosmetic blemishes, but the will not affect the performance.

Previously Ordered New- Previously Ordered New computers are PCs that were shipped out to a customer who opened the box, but then decided to return the PC without ever using it. These PCs are retested and then repackaged by Dell Outlet.

Scratch and Dent- Scratch and Dent products are systems that have a considerable amount of cosmetic blemishes, but these of cosmetic blemishes do not affect the performance. These are a great way to save money and help recycle!

There are actually many things you can do to help Dell go green. So what are those actions you can take to help Dell go green?

  • You can set your system up to go on standby or hibernate modes when it’s not in use instead of using a screen saver.
  • Use less paper! Only print what’s necessary, and if it’s possible, use both sides of the paper.
  • Re-use parts when purchasing a new system. Keep your mouse, monitor and keyboard from your old system.
  • Recycle your old computers. There are organizations you can donate it your computer to.
  • Recycle your bottles because these can be recycled into a new flat panel monitor.

It’s Dell goal to become the greenest technology company around. So let’s help Dell and the world of technology go green!

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