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In this day and age, having some type of computer is necessary. Whether it be a desktop, a laptop or a tablet, we all have some way to connect to the information superhighway. Otherwise, kit feels like we are out of touch. Unfortunately, like everything else, that computer will eventually have problems. These problems could be big and complicated or small and simple to fix. It’s especially a problem if you don’t know as much about computers as you would like. The good thing is, if you have little computer knowledge or don’t have the time to learn, a computer repair company can help get you back on your proverbial feet. But while you wait to get your computer looked at, here are five common computer problems and what is going on internally:

Malicious software. Otherwise known as viruses, spyware, adware, etc. Either way you look at it, all versions can harm your computer and attain access to your private information.

Computer won’t turn on. One of the more basic of issues, power issues could be due to a loose cord or a power supply that has gone bad.

Slow computer. All deleted files and applications are still on your computer taking up space and need to be cleaned up. Low hard drive space and not enough RAM can also cause your computer to be slow.

Blue screen of death. This happens when your computer freezes, resulting in a blue screen with an error message. This could be many things – overheating, hard drive failing, or buggy software.

Noisy computer. A fan, or your entire hard drive could be going out. Back up your files immediately so you don’t lose anything in the process.

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The Internet and You | Technology

There is no denying that the technological boom in America has accelerated the amount of internet users. The internet is readily available on our desktops, laptops, phones and now capable watches! With just about the entire world connected through the internet, it is impossible to get away from.

Whether it is for your business or on your down time, many are on their computer consistently throughout the day. There is an entire movement rippling through the United States to unplug, but it’s simply not realistic. To put it simply, the internet has changed the way we live, work and communicate and that has brought us into the modern world.

Utilize the internet for all it is worth, and when it acts up or runs slow, breathe. There is a whole world out there using this technology, and there is always a technician there to help you through it.

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