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Slow internet seems to be a common problem for everyone, whether it is at your office or home. Slow internet can be annoying and time consuming. So we will answer the question today…Why is my internet so slow?? Our computer consulting team at Up and Running Computer Solutions has the answer.

LAN is Overloaded:  Most people now a days do not connect their computers directly to the internet. They are connected to a local area network. A LAN can be wired or wireless and will have a connection to the internet router. When the LAN is overloaded with traffic, internet slows down.

DNS is Slow:  DNS stands for domain name system. Computer do not connect directly to hostnames such as www.urcs.net. The host name needs to be transformed to an IP address in order for a connection to be ascertained. If the DNS server is slow to respond this will cause your internet to seem slow.

Undetermined Downloading: Most applications on your computer are always looking for updates on the internet. These searches run in the background and you do not necessarily see them. Downloading a large update could slow your internet.

Malware:  Clicking on links to compromised websites or clicking on pop up ads leads to software hijacking. This malware gets installed on your computer without you even knowing causing your internet to be slower.

Poor Connection:  Sometimes there can be a problem with the physical internet connection. Your wires, router, or modem could be going bad.

If you internet is slow and you can’t figure out why, call Up and Running Computer Solutions in Corona, CA at 951-737-8558. Our computer consulting team will diagnose your computer problem and help get your internet back up to speed.

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