Is Your Computer Protected? | Corona, CA

Several people spend a good amount of time on their computers by going online for certain tasks or entertainment. Some of the things society use their computers for are searching for information, work, shopping, school work, social media, even banking. Doing such things may leave your computer vulnerable to hackers. Hackers are typically after personal information stored in your computer. Thankfully, keeping your computer protected from viruses and Trojans can be quiet easy, however, you must be on top of your computer’s security. The following includes a few tips on how you can reduce your risk of your computer contracting a virus or Trojan:

Use Anti-Virus Software. Installing an anti-virus program is a great benefit for your computer’s protection. An ant-virus program scans for viruses that attempt to get into your emails, operating system or files. Be sure the anti-virus is set to update automatically.

Install a Firewall. Firewalls are able help alert any suspicious activity on your computer, while also blocking viruses, hackers or worms from attempting to download malicious programs onto your computer. Some computers have a built-in firewall, however, they’re typically shipped in “off” mode, so be sure to turn the firewall on. Also, be sure to update your firewall on a regular basis.

Use a Pop-up Blocker- Avoid clicking on any pop-up ads by using a pop-up blocker. Many pop-ups are created by advertisers, but some may contain a harmful or unsafe programs that can damage your computer.

Do Not Open Unknown Emails- Emails can contain computer viruses so before opening an email, make sure you’re receiving it from a known address or sender.

Use a Strong Password- Be sure that you choose a strong password to protect yourself from potential hackers. Don’t choose something simple for your password; many hackers have a program that can try every single word in the dictionary in attempts to get into your system.

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