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There are several reasons your computer could be over heating and not knowing what’s causing it to overheat can get quite frustrating. The causes can range from being a severe problem to something very minor. So before rushing off to get your computer repaired make sure that these three common reasons aren’t causing the overheating issue.

  • Dust Buildup- Dust buildup on the vents and the internal components of your computer can contribute to overheating. Dust buildup starts to block the vents and prevents airflow, while dust on the internal elements traps heat. Make sure to clean your computer with a can of compressed air regularly to keep from dust build up.
  • Poor Location- Where your computer is located plays a big role in the ability for it to cool itself down. Make sure your computer isn’t located in a room with poor ventilation or one that has little to no climate control, especially during the warmer seasons. Keep your computer away from windows and in a temperature controlled environment.
  • Poor Ventilation- Poor ventilation can be another cause of overheating. Most computers have vents in the casing that allows for proper air flow, if those vent are covered or have dust build up it will block airways and warm air will build up inside the case. Make sure that your vents are clear and are allowing for proper ventilation.

If none of the reasons list above are causing your computer to overheat and you are in need of computer repair, call Up & Running Computer Solutions in Corona, CA at 951-737-8558 or visit our website at www.urcs.net for more information.

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