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Several people spend a good amount of time on their computers by going online for certain tasks or entertainment. Some of the things society use their computers for are searching for information, work, shopping, school work, social media, even banking. Doing such things may leave your computer vulnerable to hackers. Hackers are typically after personal information stored in your computer. Thankfully, keeping your computer protected from viruses and Trojans can be quiet easy, however, you must be on top of your computer’s security. The following includes a few tips on how you can reduce your risk of your computer contracting a virus or Trojan:

Use Anti-Virus Software. Installing an anti-virus program is a great benefit for your computer’s protection. An ant-virus program scans for viruses that attempt to get into your emails, operating system or files. Be sure the anti-virus is set to update automatically.

Install a Firewall. Firewalls are able help alert any suspicious activity on your computer, while also blocking viruses, hackers or worms from attempting to download malicious programs onto your computer. Some computers have a built-in firewall, however, they’re typically shipped in “off” mode, so be sure to turn the firewall on. Also, be sure to update your firewall on a regular basis.

Use a Pop-up Blocker- Avoid clicking on any pop-up ads by using a pop-up blocker. Many pop-ups are created by advertisers, but some may contain a harmful or unsafe programs that can damage your computer.

Do Not Open Unknown Emails- Emails can contain computer viruses so before opening an email, make sure you’re receiving it from a known address or sender.

Use a Strong Password- Be sure that you choose a strong password to protect yourself from potential hackers. Don’t choose something simple for your password; many hackers have a program that can try every single word in the dictionary in attempts to get into your system.

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Three Common Computer Problems

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We here at Up & Running Computer Solutions resolve several technical support calls and emails ranging from simple to advanced computer problems. Computer problems can be such a headache and can even leave you feeling like your about to toss your computer out. The following list are three common computer problems

  • Malicious Software

This sort of problem includes viruses, adware, spyware, worms, trojan horses and any other type of software that is designed to cause mischief with you or your computer.

You can get malware anytime you’re browsing the internet, downloading an email attachment, accessing a different computer through a network, or when you’re plugging in a flash drive that was previously plugged into an infected computer.

  • Slow Computer

Computers are essentially like a new home or car; if you don’t take proper care of them, you’re going to have problems. In order to keep your computer running smoothly, it’s very important to make good use of your computer resources.

Every computer has a limited amount of storage space, ram memory and processing speed. So the more programs, documents, music, videos, pictures and tool bars you have, the slower your computer will run. Computer can also become slower is the have been infected with a virus.

  • Hard Drive Failure

If you’ve been hearing your computer make loud noises it’s never made before, be scared because those noises could be coming from your hard drive. The hard drive is where everything is stored, and hearing a clicking noise when you access data is one of the first signs of hard drive failure.

Hard drives can stop working for a myriad of reasons, but they typically crash due to mechanical failure, a violet shake, electrical surge, or even viruses.

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Computer Repair – Power Outages Can Devastate Your Computer – Corona, CA

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Power outages can be devastating to your computer. Not only can you lose files, but your computer itself could be at risk for severe damage. If this happens seek immediate computer repair. If you are lucky enough to have your computer make it through a power outage, you still won’t be able to use it, nor extract important files from it. A UPS or uninterruptible power supply can aid in power outages.

A UPS is a battery containing device that supplies back up power to your computer in case of a power outage. The battery allows for you to keep working during a power outage or at least give you an opportunity to shut down your computer properly without losing data, thus saving you money from costly computer repair. They also work well during brown outs and electricity spikes.

The UPS will come with power management software that can be configured to sense an outage and safely shut your computer down in the event you are not in front of your computer at the time. You can also set your computer to come back on when power is restored. This works well when you are accessing your computer from another location.

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Why is My Internet So Slow? | Computer Consulting | Corona, CA

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Slow internet seems to be a common problem for everyone, whether it is at your office or home. Slow internet can be annoying and time consuming. So we will answer the question today…Why is my internet so slow?? Our computer consulting team at Up and Running Computer Solutions has the answer.

LAN is Overloaded:  Most people now a days do not connect their computers directly to the internet. They are connected to a local area network. A LAN can be wired or wireless and will have a connection to the internet router. When the LAN is overloaded with traffic, internet slows down.

DNS is Slow:  DNS stands for domain name system. Computer do not connect directly to hostnames such as The host name needs to be transformed to an IP address in order for a connection to be ascertained. If the DNS server is slow to respond this will cause your internet to seem slow.

Undetermined Downloading: Most applications on your computer are always looking for updates on the internet. These searches run in the background and you do not necessarily see them. Downloading a large update could slow your internet.

Malware:  Clicking on links to compromised websites or clicking on pop up ads leads to software hijacking. This malware gets installed on your computer without you even knowing causing your internet to be slower.

Poor Connection:  Sometimes there can be a problem with the physical internet connection. Your wires, router, or modem could be going bad.

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